Equip: 12 Essentials for Vloggers


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Vlogging is becoming an increasingly popular way to document everything from morning routines to cross-country adventures. With so many people taking to YouTube, Instagram and other online platforms to share their videos, it’s no wonder the market for vlogging gear is exploding. 

Now, you can choose from millions of products made especially for content creators. Whether your favorite influencer has been vlogging for ages or is just getting started, the following items are sure to make their life easier and exceed their expectations. 

1. Canon EOS Rebel T7

Most vloggers already have a camera but, if your friend or family member is currently eyeing one to jumpstart their vlog, consider gifting them a Canon EOS Rebel T7. This camera is a great starter DSLR and comes with a nice balance of manual controls and automatic settings. Plus, they can still use the same lenses if they decide to upgrade later on. 

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2. SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro SD Card 

Vloggers and YouTubers film hours of footage to create videos that are just minutes long and, if they’re working on multiple projects at a time, their SD storage capacity can quickly run out. Make sure they never miss out on a chance to shoot by gifting them a bigger SD card. Remember to choose one that will fit in their specific camera and computer. 

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3. LaCie Rugged Mini USB 3.0

If you’re looking for a more heavy-duty storage solution, consider buying an external hard drive. The Rugged Mini comes with one whole terabyte of storage and can withstand up to one ton of pressure. Plus, it’s shock and drop resistant, which is a huge plus for adventure vloggers. 

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4. Joby GorillaPod Flexible Tripod

Help your favorite influencer get thousands of likes on their next vlog with a flexible tripod. This particular one has rubber foot grips, wrappable legs and more than two dozen TPE joints so their videos are stable and crisp. 

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5. GoPro Hero7

Adventure vloggers could always use a high-quality, waterproof camera and the GoPro Hero7 certainly fits the bill. This tough little camcorder captures video in stabilized 4K video and features an intuitive touch screen and voice recognition for fast, easy adjustments. 

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6. 10-Inch LED Ring Light

 Content creators can instantly elevate video quality with this 10-inch LED ring light. This professional lighting tool is a complete game-changer when it comes to filming little details and close-up shots. The kit includes a dimmable ring, three color temperature settings and a portable charger. 

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7. Auxiwa Clip-On Selfie Ring Light 

Is your favorite vlogger always on the go? Odds are they’d rather have a more portable lighting option. Luckily, this little clip-on ring light is easy to carry and use. Simply clip it to the top of your smartphone and start filming brighter videos. 

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8. Rode VideoMic GO

Audio is a huge component of vlogging. If a video doesn’t sound good, creators will quickly lose viewers, so a quality microphone is a must. Choose one that reduces surrounding sounds like the Rode VideoMic GO. Just plug it into your camera’s external microphone output to begin capturing voices, music and other audio. 

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9. GOgroove Photography Backpack 

Of course, once your vlogger has all their gear, they’ll need something to keep it in. Choose a portable solution like this photography backpack. With compartments for microphones, cameras, tripods, lenses and other equipment, this pack is a favorite among videographers and photographers alike.

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10. Neewer Reflector Set 

Difficult lighting situations call for reflectors and this set comes with five. Let your vlogger choose between gold, black, white, translucent and silver panels to achieve different lighting effects. The kit even comes with a cover to help protect and transport them.

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11. Adobe Premiere Pro Annual Subscription 

If your influencer is just getting into editing, consider purchasing a year subscription to Adobe Premiere Pro. This professional software can add audio, text, pop-ups, coloring, filters and more to their videos. There are also plenty of presets and transitions to choose from to help simplify the editing process. 

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12. Roost Laptop Stand 

Editing can take hours, if not days, so it’s important to have someplace comfy to work. Help your content creator practice good posture — even if they’re editing from bed — with a quality laptop stand. This model is lightweight, portable, durable and ergonomic. Plus, it accommodates almost all PC and MacBook computers. 

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Your Claim to Fame 

Becoming the next Youtube sensation isn’t an easy task. However, gifting your friends and family with quality gear can certainly promote their success. Plus, when they’re rich and famous, you’ll have a small claim to fame, having helped them on their way.

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