Equip: 12 Essentials to Complement a Regular or Fishing Kayak

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Got a yakker in your life? No, not that friend who likes to talk your ear off, the one who’s always paddling downriver in their recreational or fishing kayak. You know, the one who’s already planning their next whitewater adventure and speaks of the water as if it’s his one true love. That friend deserves a great gift, and one of the items below should do the trick.  

1. Toadfish Non-Tipping Can Cooler

Non-tipping can cooler

Most kayaks cupholders are too shallow to keep drinks upright, which means cans and bottles are more likely to tip when you encounter waves. Make sure your kayaker never spills their favorite bevy by gifting them a non-tipping can cooler. This nifty gadget features SmartGrip technology and comes with an adapter accessory to fit multiple can and bottle sizes. 

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2. 15-Quart Pup Portable Floating Beverage Cooler

Green portable floating beverage cooler

Those who like to yak with friends and family might benefit more from a large, portable cooler. This floating 15-quart model holds up to 15, 12-ounce cans or 10 pounds of ice so they can easily tote their ice-cold drinks along on the journey. All they have to do is tie it to their kayak with a tow rope and get paddling. 

Get it from Wayfair 

3. Cascade Creek Yakpads Cushioned Seat Pad

Blue cushioned seat pad

Avid kayakers like to take hours-long trips into nature but doing so often leaves them with a sore rump. Give them the support and comfort they deserve by gifting them a cushioned seat pad. The soft, gel-infused material is easy to use and features non-skid backing so their seat stays in place, no matter how wet and wild they get. 

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4. Waterproof Paddle Pogies 

Waterproof black gloves for paddling

Got a cold water kayak in your midst? You might think them crazy, and they would be if it weren’t for these paddling mitts. The thick, waterproof gloves are warm and waterproof so their hands stay dry and safe on snowy adventures. 

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5. North Water Coiled Paddle Leash

Coiled paddle leash

If your friend’s wearing pogies, they’ll have no need for a leash. However, they’ll certainly appreciate one on warm weather regular or fishing kayak trips. This accessory will keep their paddle from floating away if it accidentally slips out of their hands. Stainless steel swivels on both ends eliminate twisting and subsequent frustration. 

Get it from REI

6. Kayalite Kayak Light

Kayak light

Have you ever been night kayaking? No? Well, your favorite yakker has already been or is currently fantasizing about it, which is why they need a Kayalite. This buoyant, white LED illuminates their route and allows other boaters to see them in the darkness so they don’t collide. It’s also submersible so they can light up the underwater world if they like. 

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7. GoPro Hero7

Gray GoPro Hero7

If your kayaking friend enjoys documenting his travels, a GoPro Hero7 would make an excellent gift. The camera is waterproof up to 33 feet and captures video in stabilized 4K. A touch screen allows for fast, easy adjustments while voice recognition enables hands-free operation.

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8. Waterproof Dog Back Seat Cover 

Black waterproof backseat cover for dogs

Yakkers who take their furry friends on adventures will appreciate this waterproof seat cover. Four layers create an impenetrable barrier between wet dogs and car seats so their vehicle’s interior stays clean and dry on the way back from the river. 

Get it from Amazon 

9. NRS Chinook PDF

Fishing kayak fisherman life jacket

Every kayak angler needs a proper fisherman life jacket. This particular model features a rod holder, multiple pockets for carrying tackle and a knife lash tab. A high-back design also makes it comfortable for kayakers to wear. 

Get it from REI

10. NRS Comm-3 Wetshoe

Black fishing kayak wetshoe

Do you wear tennies or sandals in a recreational or fishing kayak? Correct answer: neither. It turns out the best thing to put on your feet are wetshoes. These simple, neoprene booties offer support, protection and warmth so they can paddle anywhere, in any kind of weather without sacrificing their soles to mother nature. 

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11. Advanced Elements RapidUp Kayak Sail 

Kayak sail

Cutting edge technology meets innovative design with this RapidUp Kayak Sail. The rip-stop sail cloth allows them to set up downwind and sail with speed as they race down rivers. A built-in spring provides an easy setup so they can set sail sooner. 

Get it from Sportique

12. JOTO Universal Waterproof Cellphone Dry Bag

Waterproof cellphone dry bag

If you aren’t in the market for something as expensive as a GoPro, that’s totally ok. Because this $6 phone case is just as cool. The JOTO waterproof dry bag will keep any smartphone safe and dry on the river. A transparent design also allows for full touch screen functionality without having to open the bag. 

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Equipping Recreational and Fishing Kayak Boaters

Your favorite paddler will be getting wet and wild on their aquatic adventures, which is why they require high-quality, durable gear. Lucky for them, you already know what’s on their wish list. 

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