Equip: 12 Essential Gifts for Mother’s Day 2024, Week of May 1

a collection of Mother's Day presents

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Mother’s Day is a worldwide celebration of all the women who devoted their lives to raising their children in loving households. Your mom deserves something special. Rather than getting her a traditional bouquet, consider one of these 12 creative gift ideas.

1. MignonandMignon Personalized Birthstone Necklace

Personalized birthstone necklaces

You can’t go wrong with jewelry on Mother’s Day. Even if your mom doesn’t believe in horoscopes, a birthstone necklace is still a really cool gift. You can customize it with her initials and the birthstones of her children. This gift is also extremely budget-friendly, costing just $19.99.

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2. Uncommon Goods Terrarium Candle

Scented soy wax plant candles

This gift combines two things some people love — plants and candles. It’s a cute little terrarium inside a soy wax candle with cacti and poppy plants in your chosen sizes. You can also select from a handful of scents, including pine, vanilla, jasmine and white tea.

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3. Vlando Travel Jewelry Organizer

Velvet travel jewelry organizer

It’s easy to lose rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets while traveling. These small items have a knack for falling out of bags and purses. Your mom will love this travel jewelry organizer from Vlando. The pocket-sized box made of premium faux leather, velvet and flannel will keep her favorite jewelry safe.

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4. TableTopics Conversation Starter Cards

TableTopics conversation starter card deck

Moms love to play card and board games with their kids, even after they’ve grown up. You might be too old for Candyland, but you can start a new game night tradition with your family with this conversation starter card deck from TableTopics. It has all kinds of interesting subjects that will keep the conversation going for hours.

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5. IMEJEWELRY Handwriting Bracelet

Golden bracelet with custom handwriting design

Another creative piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day is IMEJEWELRY’s handwriting bracelet. Send a handwriting sample with your order and the manufacturer will create a custom golden bracelet. The handwriting could be a combination of you and your siblings, your grandparents, or any other loved one in your mother’s life.

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6. Bronax Cloud Slippers

Comfortable pair of slippers

Slippers are always a safe gift option for Mother’s Day, but these aren’t the same old kind. Bronax’s cloud slippers make you feel like you’re walking on air, according to thousands of reviews. They are made of an ultrasoft compound called ethylene vinyl acetate and the soles are almost 2 inches thick.

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7. Umbra Bathtub Tray Caddy

Wooden bathtub tray caddy

This bamboo tray caddy from Umbra is the perfect bathtime accessory. Your mom can watch her favorite show, read a book, and enjoy snacks and drinks while relaxing in the tub. The tray is just under 40 inches long and 8.5 inches wide. You can choose between a light natural finish or a darker walnut. 

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8. Body Restore Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Different shower steamer variants

A shower steamer pack is another unique bathroom gift for Mother’s Day. This set from Body Restore includes scents like eucalyptus, milk and honey, citrus, lavender and fresh tea. The shower bombs and tablets have different calming effects, including relief, energization and clarity. 

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9. Revlon One-Step Hot Air Brush

Black hot air brush with pink accents

If your mom has a busy schedule, this one-step hot air brush will greatly simplify her morning routine. She’ll be able to simultaneously dry and style her hair, saving precious time. Rather than spending 40 minutes on her hair every day, she can spend 10 minutes and make herself a nice breakfast.

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10. Childom Light-up Rose

Light-up rose

This light-up rose from Childom is a hypnotizing tabletop centerpiece. The lone flower inside a small dome resembles the rose from “Beauty and the Beast.” You have all kinds of color combinations to choose from, including the popular rainbow and multicolor options.

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11. Tressfully Yours MassagePro Scalp Brush

Blue scalp brushes

Women tend to wash their hair often to prevent it from getting tangled and messy, but frequent washings can irritate the scalp. This MassagePro scalp brush will give your mom’s scalp some much-needed relief. It has a two-way handle for righties and lefties, and the deep-reaching silicone bristles will provide a euphoric massage.

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12. Hocis Family Birthday Calendar

Family birthday calendar

Moms love to keep track of the family birthdays. This reminder calendar ensures she never forgets anyone’s birthday. It makes a great wall decoration for the kitchen or living room where everyone can see the upcoming dates. The board is 15.7 inches long and 4 inches tall, taking up just the right amount of space.

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Treat Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is May 12, 2024, so make sure it’s on your calendar and taken care of early. Your mom will probably say she doesn’t want the family to make a big fuss on Mother’s Day, but you should anyway. These 12 items are all great options, regardless of her interests and hobbies. She made a lot of sacrifices to raise you, so the least you can do is repay her with a thoughtful gift.

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