5 Benefits of a HIIT Full Body Workout

Man on floor working out.

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When you work out, do you go to a fitness center or exercise in a home gym? Do you prefer cardio, strength training or both? If you want a workout that requires little time and targets numerous muscle groups, then high-intensity interval training (HIIT) may be a great option. Whether alone or in a group, a HIIT full-body workout will give you exercise the way you want it.

What Is a HIIT Full Body Workout?

HIIT is a popular form of working out, especially for those who enjoy hard workouts. HIIT sessions are just like they sound. You perform an exercise with high intensity for a predetermined time, usually 20-40 seconds. You’ll spend the remaining part of the minute recovering. 

HIIT workouts aim to get the heart pumping and help you break a sweat. During the exercises, you’ll push yourself to the limit and put yourself on the road to a more fit body. If you’re curious about HIIT full-body workouts, consider these five benefits before you start.

1. Efficiency

Suppose you have a job, kids or other obligations. In that case, HIIT full body workouts could be an excellent fit for you because there is typically a designated amount of time for every session. Trainers will usually set a time of 30 to 60 minutes per HIIT workout. Some fitness coaches have workouts shorter than 30 minutes for those on a time crunch who want to fit exercise into their day.

2. No Equipment Necessary

If you’re looking to do HIIT workouts, you can do them at the gym, in a studio or at home because there’s no equipment necessary. You can incorporate kettlebells, jump ropes, stationary bikes and other machines, but they’re not required. Burpees, jumping jacks and planks are common exercises in HIIT workouts, and you can do them all without a dumbbell or a machine. With no need for equipment, you can do these workouts from anywhere.

3. Many Calories Burned

If you’re looking to burn calories, HIIT workouts are a terrific workout to achieve this goal. The high-intensity element of these exercises burns calories at a high rate, even if you take an extended rest. In a study, researchers divided men into different groups, with one doing HIIT and others doing exercises of cycling, weight training or treadmill running. The HIIT group did 20-second intervals of exercise followed by 40 seconds of rest, and they still burned calories at a higher rate than any other group.

4. Full-body Workout

Some people enjoy cardio, whereas others may enjoy strength training more. One benefit of HIIT is you can incorporate both into your workout. Exercises like high knees, lunge jumps and mountain climbers are all terrific forms of cardio. They’ll increase your heart rate while also targeting muscle groups like your core and your legs. 

In addition to cardio, you’ll also see benefits from strength training. In HIIT, you can target particular muscle groups with your workouts. For example, if you want to work on your abs, you can do hanging leg raises, bicycle crunches and ab wheel rollouts. Jump squats are an excellent exercise for your lower body, and push-ups give love to your upper body.  

5. Improved Mental Health

Physical exercise does wonders for your body, and it also gives a boost to your mental health. Working out can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression and make you feel more confident. Researchers have linked HIIT specifically as a way to boost mental health. Studies show that HIIT and moderate-intensity training (MIT) significantly reduced stress and helped adults with symptoms of anxiety and depression during the COVID-19 pandemic. HIIT was slightly more beneficial than MIT at alleviating depression symptoms.

Excellent Exercise for Busy Adults

HIIT workouts are popular among adults because they’re efficient and get the job done. This fitness regimen reached a peak in popularity in 2014. However, it remains in the top 10 fitness trends in the United States. With HIIT full-body workouts, you can incorporate cardio and strength training for a comprehensive exercise plan. These five benefits show why HIIT sessions are an excellent program to start. 

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