Benefits Of the Dumbbell Pullover Exercise

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Whether you are an experienced bodybuilder or a new lifter, the dumbbell pullover is a great exercise to build back and chest muscles. This exercise is suitable for many people working on a resistance training program. This article highlights what the dumbbell pullover is and its many benefits. 

What is the Dumbbell Pullover 

You may be wondering, what exactly is the dumbbell pullover? It is a weightlifting exercise that targets your pec and lat muscles. These muscles are found in your chest and back. You can perform the dumbbell pullover by finding an appropriate weight dumbbell and laying flat on a flat bench. Keep your lower back pressed against the bench while engaging your core. Extend your arms out straight with the dumbbells over your chest. Lower the dumbbell behind your head with a slow and controlled movement, then return to the starting position. 

Benefits of Dumbbell Pullover

Including the dumbbell pullover in your training program can give you many benefits. Some of them you might not suspect but are a major plus. Here are some benefits of using this strength training exercise.

Build Upper Body Strength

The dumbbell pullover works your upper body muscle groups. You can expect to see improvements in your pecs, lats, triceps, shoulders and the serratus, which is on the side of your rib cage. When practiced regularly, this exercise can increase muscle growth and hypertrophy in those areas. Remember, to see change, eating a proper diet is essential to the process.

Increase Core Stability

When performing this exercise, it can activate other areas of the body. Your glutes, lower back and core muscles are working to stabilize your body when completing the full range of motion. When you practice this with proper form, the dumbbell pullover can enhance core strength and stability.

Enhance Shoulder Mobility

While moving your shoulder in the range of motion, the dumbbell promotes better shoulder mobility. It will help build the muscle around your joints, increasing mobility and preventing injuries in the future. 

Many Variations 

Once you get the basic dumbbell pullover, you can try other versions. You can make minor adjustments like making it an incline, using a medicine ball or experimenting with the type of weights you use. 

Tips for the Dumbell Pullover

When you try out this exercise, you will want to focus on certain aspects of your body. These are tips to keep in mind while performing the dumbbell pullover.

  • Keep your arms straight. Avoid bending at your elbows too much when bringing the dumbbell to the starting position. If you bend them too much, it will target your triceps instead of your pecs.
  • Be aware of the range of motion. If your lower back is arching too much, try to bring your arms overhead. Focus on the movement at the shoulder rather than flaring at the ribs.
  • Choose a muscle to focus on. Depending on if you use this exercise for your pecs or lats, you should point your elbow in different directions. Angle your elbows outward for pec focus and inward for lats. 

Include the Dumbbell Press In Your Next Upper Body Day

Adding this exercise to your strength-training program will work your pecs, lats and even your core. Because of its many variations, it is easy to perform for most people at home or in the gym. Try the dumbbell pullover to reap its benefits. 

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