7 Best Ceiling-Mounted Pull-Up Bars of 2024

Man doing a pullup.

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Home gyms became much more popular by necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many people decided to keep working out at home. If you want to maximize your home gym and get results, one of the most important pieces of equipment you need is a pull-up bar. The best ceiling-mounted pull-up bars are affordable, durable and enable you to do a variety of exercises.

There are also adjustable doorway bars or wall-mounted bars, but ceiling-mounted pull-up bars take the cake. They last longer, perform better and keep your walls free of scuffs.

Let’s go through the best ceiling-mounted pull-up bars on the market in 2024.

1. Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mount Pull-Up Bar

First up is the American-made Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mount Pull-Up Bar. This bar is a top pick for many home-gyms for several reasons. The system fits both 16-inch and 24-inch joists, which is very convenient. The pull-up bar also comes with extra grips, mounting hardware and installation instructions.

The Ultimate Body Press bar is ergonomically designed to minimize joint discomfort while you gain muscle. The 20-inch spacing between the grips feels natural and helps you exercise with proper form whether you’re using an overhand grip, underhand grip or neutral grip. This product is easily one of the best ceiling-mounted pull-up bars on the market in 2024.

Where to get it: Ultimate Body Press for $79.95

2. Stud Bar High and Low Ceiling Pull-Up Bars

The Stud Bar is another excellent choice for a ceiling-mounted pull-up bar. It has the longest lifespan on the list thanks to its durable stainless steel design. The bar itself is on the large side, with a two-foot bar width and a 600-pound carrying capacity. However, the joists can be adjusted to three different sizes to fit any ceiling. 

Another nice thing about the Stud Bar’s size is that you can add resistance bands to the bar to make your workouts more challenging. If you plan on using the same home gym in the coming years, the Stud Bar is arguably the best long-term option.

Where to get it: Stud Bar Pull Up for $199.00 – $239.00

3. Sfeexun Joist-Mounted Adjustable Ceiling Pull-Up Bar

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, Sfeexun’s adjustable ceiling pull-up bar is the perfect choic e. The bar’s wedge anchors allow you to install it in a concrete ceiling, which is great if you need to put the bar in your garage. It also has three heights that you can easily change with the adjustable knob.

The whole bar is covered in a stiff foam layer that provides additional comfort and protection. The manufacturer also recommends applying athletic tape to improve the bar’s grip as the foam starts to break down.

Where to get it: Sfeexun Joist-Mounted Pull-Up Bar for $83.99

4. Titan Fitness Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

As the name suggests, this ceiling-mounted pull-up bar from Titan Fitness is all about providing multiple grips. The monkey bar-style handle and 47.5-inch width allows you to perform a wide range of exercises. The grips also have checkered knurlings to provide maximum grip, much like barbells and other equipment you find at a commercial gym.

If you don’t plan on relocating and want a heavy-duty, versatile option that can handle any weight, this bar from Titan Fitness is a great option. Once the installation is complete, the bar isn’t going anywhere unless you tear the ceiling down.

Where to get it: Titan Fitness Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar for $144.99

5. Gronk Fitness Pull Up Bar

The Gronk Fitness pull-up bar is designed just like former NFL star Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski — big, strong and versatile. It can handle up to 800 pounds and has multiple grip variations, allowing you to easily switch up your workout routine. The entire bar is also powder-coated to prevent rust, helping it withstand sweat. 

This bar is something you usually see in a gym for powerlifters or professional athletes, not a home gym. It’s a high-quality piece of exercise equipment that will take your home workouts to the next level.

Where to get it: Gronk Fitness Products for $192.99

6. ProMountings Pull Up Bar

ProMountings carries a variety of pull-up systems, but their best product is the I-Beam five-grip position pull-up bar. It comes in various sizes, but the biggest option has a carrying capacity of 500 pounds. All of the mounting hardware is made in the United States and comes with your order.

The five-grip bar comes with comfortable water-absorbent padded grips, which helps you hold on a little longer and gives the metal underneath a protective layer. This bar is one of the most versatile pieces of home workout equipment on the market. 

Where to get it: ProMountings for up to $249.99

7. Rogue Individual Portable Pull-Up Bar

If you’re in a temporary living arrangement and need something portable, then the Rogue Individual Portable Pull-Up Bar is for you. Instead of joists in the wall, heavy-duty straps hold up the bar. As long as you have a place to put the straps over, you can use the bar anywhere. At home, it’s best to hang the bar on a set of hooks. 

This bar’s unique design adds a new challenge to your workouts. You will have more of a challenge with this system since the straps are unstable, meaning you’ll need greater core strength to keep the bar from swinging. Plus, you can set the straps lower or higher to perform a variety of at-home exercises such as chin-ups, push-ups and dips.

Where to get it: Rogue Fitness for $75.00

Find Your Ideal Ceiling-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Any of these bars are a great option to make gains. You can’t go wrong with a ceiling-mounted pull-up bar. Which will you choose? 

If you’re feeling crafty and want to show off your workmanship skills, then you can also create your own do-it-yourself pull-up bar instead to save some money. In any case, the pull-up bar is a fantastic piece of equipment that belongs in every home gy

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