10 Fun Sports for Adults to Try in Your Free Time


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As young adults start to accumulate more responsibilities in their careers and personal lives, athletic pursuits tend to take a backseat. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on your family or occupation, but it’s still important to stay physically active. Here are ten of the most fun sports for adults to play in their free time that won’t interfere with other obligations.

1. Soccer

Soccer or football is the ultimate recreational sport for all ages. It requires minimal equipment and has straightforward rules that casual players can easily follow. It’s also a great sport for adults because men and women can play alongside each other. Your friend group can stick together instead of branching off to other sports.

People playing soccer on a sunny day

You could organize simple pick-up games with friends at a local field or join a league with the United States Adult Soccer Association if you want a more competitive scene. In either case, you should have no shortage of fields to choose from. Soccer is far and away the world’s most popular sport and it keeps on growing.

2. Flag Football

If you prefer American football, then flag football is the sport for you. It has all of the same rules as regular gridiron football, except you grab the runner’s flag instead of tackling him. This singular rule change creates the perfect activity for Americans who have a passion for their country’s most popular sport.

3. Golf

When people think of laid-back sports for adults, golf is usually the first sport that comes to mind. You put on a preppy outfit, stroll around a scenic course with friends and hit a shot every ten minutes between drinks and laughs. At the recreational level, golf is the perfect sport for adults who are simply looking to get outside with friends.

4. Pickleball

Believe it or not, pickleball is America’s fastest growing sport by a considerable margin. Adults in the 30-50 age group can’t get enough of this tennis-ping pong hybrid. It’s a little slower than tennis, and it’s also more spacious than ping pong. The pace of play and court size also allow older adults to participate, making pickleball one of the best multigenerational sports for adults.

5. Bowling

People bowling at a retro bowling alley

If you prefer indoor sports, then bowling is an excellent choice. Its basic premise and relaxed setting make it a popular family activity, but there are also some competitive adult bowling leagues. Players also enjoy bowling because a snack bar and arcade usually aren’t far away. Bowling alleys don’t have five-star cuisines, but they never fail to satisfy.

6. Slow-Pitch Softball

Slow-pitch softball is among the best sports for adults who used to be high-level athletes. Many former MLB players find themselves in a local softball league after retirement. It has all the same elements as competitive baseball, minus the 90+ mph heaters screaming past your head. Slow-pitch leagues allow adults to enjoy America’s favorite pastime well into their 40s and 50s.

7. Kickball

Remember how much fun it was playing kickball on the school playground as a kid? You can feel that experience again by joining a recreational kickball league. This sport is perhaps the most laid-back on the list. You’ll find that a majority of kickball leagues involve drinking alcohol in the dugouts and after games. These “beer leagues” are ideal for young adults who can still drink and play sports at the same time. Take advantage of this ability while it lasts!

8. Volleyball

Volleyball is almost the antithesis of kickball. The games are always ultra-competitive and you won’t be able to drink a beer between sets. Players can’t hide in the background and hope the ball doesn’t come to them. Everyone has to participate and give 100%. If you still have that competitive edge from your athletic pursuits in college, then volleyball is a great choice.

9. Skiing/Snowboarding

Three people skiing down a mountain

If you live in a region with long and harsh winters, then the best sports for adults should be obvious. Skiing and snowboarding are the most popular outdoor winter sports by a longshot. Most beginners choose skiing at first because it’s easier to learn, but there’s no reason why you can’t learn both. Hit the slopes and enjoy the white winter wonderland!

10. Martial Arts

Martial arts come in many forms — jiu jitsu, karate, muay thai, judo and kickboxing, just to name a few — but they all can help you build muscle and stay in great shape during adulthood. They will also help you learn important self-defense skills, which can work wonders for your confidence and might save your life one day. 

Try These New Sports

Staying physically active during adulthood is crucial for a healthy and happy life. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by lounging on the couch every weekend. Get outside and try one of these fun sports for adults. Whether you enjoy a competitive setting or prefer something more relaxed and sociable, you’re guaranteed to enjoy one of these activities.

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