How to Stay Fit With an Office Job: 8 Tips

Two men sitting with a laptop.

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More and more jobs require people to sit for the majority of the hours they work. You may wonder how to stay fit with an office job, especially since sitting down too much breeds a heightened risk of certain health conditions.

Next time you find yourself getting antsy in your seat or outside working hours, try these tactics to boost your health and happiness.

1. Create a Routine

Humans are creatures of habit. The easiest way to learn to stay healthy while sitting all day is to look at your current routines. Do you have a morning schedule that involves being active or walking around or do you roll out of bed and drag yourself to your office?

Routines are easy to adhere to once you get used to them, so they’re beneficial in every career. Try to make time for exercise in the morning or evening around your work hours. That way, you can be sure you’re getting in a good workout.

2. Set a Step Goal

Creating small objectives for yourself is one way to achieve your big dreams. If you want to stay healthy, why not set a step goal for every day? Many believe you need 10,000 steps a day to make a difference in your life, but just a few thousand steps can benefit you.

You should still aim for as many steps per day as possible, but don’t feel dismayed if you don’t make it to 10,000 one day.

3. Find Outdoor Activities

When you’re off of work, what do you do? Are your activities fun and mentally stimulating — or do they involve more sitting down? You should get up and move more if the answer is the latter.

The key to knowing how to stay healthy while sitting all day is to make up for those less-mobile hours by doing something full of activity in your free time. Thanks to the exercise, you’ll be feeling better physically and mentally.

4. Adopt a Dog

If you’re at a point in your life when you can adopt an animal, go for a dog. They’re great companions who can keep you active. Once your dog knows enough commands, you can teach them to go hiking with you on or off-leash.

Hiking will keep you and your dog fit and happy — and you’ll get to take in some of the best breathtaking sights with your best friend.

5. Monitor Any Pain

Pain will be the first indication something is wrong and it’s a definite sign you need to change something in your daily life. Start monitoring your pain once it starts, as it might indicate you need to work on your posture or even see a specialist. Ideally, you should be able to work without pain.

6. Take Breaks

You should take breaks often at work. Forcing yourself to sit down for an entire shift is challenging — you need to break away at some point to refresh your mind. Even a five-minute rest where you walk around the office or your home can do good.

For longer breaks, take a stroll outside and breathe some fresh air. Once you get back to work with a clearer mind, you’ll be glad you had that break.

7. Get a Gym Membership

If you haven’t already, consider getting a gym membership. Paying a monthly subscription could motivate you to use it, allowing you to find yourself at the gym more often. You don’t have to work out for long periods — just enough per day can help you accomplish what you want.

While there’s no definitive time it can take a person to get in shape, you’re bound to see progress in the form of a healthier life if you’re consistently working at something.

8. Celebrate Your Small Wins

Before changing your life, you need to know how your motivation works. Do you feel more compelled to do something when you’ll see results or are you more about avoidance motivation? Once you find your reason, pursue it.

Then you can celebrate your small wins, which might motivate you to move past the next hurdle. Maybe a check-up with your doctor went well or you can see a difference in your stamina when you work out. Making time to celebrate can only benefit you.

Staying Fit Is Possible In All Circumstances

While it might take some more work, you can stay fit while having a sedentary job. Knowing how to stay healthy while sitting all day is one of the most crucial elements of knowledge, as it can keep risks of heart disease and other ailments at bay. Plus, it feels good to move around after you’ve been sitting down for hours on end.

Try out some of these methods to get moving during working hours and the days you’re off work. You may find a new favorite technique to keep yourself healthy.

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