What is the Difference Between Being Ripped Vs. Jacked

ripped vs jacked

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Within physical fitness and muscular development, terms like ripped and jacked are frequently used to describe someone’s physique. While they are both desirable outcomes, they have distinct meanings and represent different levels of the human body. Understanding the terms will help you shed light on the goals you or others are going for while pursuing your fitness journey. 

So, what’s the difference between being ripped and jacked? A ripped individual tends to be smaller, with low body fat and good definition. Someone who’s jacked tends to be larger, with more muscle mass.

Here are the details.

Ripped: Low Body Fat and Definition

If someone has described you or another person as ripped, it signifies a level of muscularity accompanied by noticeably low body fat percentages. A ripped individual typically showcases visible muscular definition and has clearly defined separations between muscles. They will have an overall lean and toned appearance. 

The focus of achieving this ripped body type is by developing muscle mass while simultaneously reducing body fat. To attain a ripped body, you will need to engage in a combination of resistance training and cardio exercises. Resistance training helps you build muscle mass and enhances muscle definition, while cardio exercises aid in reducing overall body fat. Additionally, you should follow a balanced and nutritious diet that supports muscle growth while losing fat. It is normally a high-protein diet. 

Jacked: Muscle Mass and Size 

Being jacked has different characteristics compared to being ripped. This emphasizes the pursuit of substantial muscle mass and size. When someone is jacked, they have well-developed muscles and exhibit a significant amount of muscle hypertrophy and strength. This physique is typically associated with bodybuilders and weight lifters who have devoted considerable time and effort to perfecting their training and diet. 

To become jacked, you must do intense weightlifting and bodybuilding exercises often. This involves lifting heavy weights and following a specific training regimen designed to stimulate muscle growth and maximize muscle hypertrophy. With any exercise routine, diet always comes into play. You will need a disciplined diet to get the necessary nutrients to support muscle growth and recovery.

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Distinguishing Factors 

A couple of factors come into play when determining the differences. The first one is the definition and size. The key distinction between being ripped and jacked is the balance between definition and overall size. While ripped emphasizes a lean and toned appearance with visible overall muscle separation, jacked prioritizes substantial muscle mass development.

The definition is due to low body fat, which allows your muscles to be visible and defined. The separation between muscle groups like biceps, triceps and abs is prominent. You will be able to see muscle striations and vascularity often become noticeable since there is less body fat. Achieving a ripped look requires dedication to muscle development and fat loss. 

Being jacked is centered around how large and well-developed the muscles are. The focus is on maximizing hypertrophy which results in an increase in muscle size and overall mass. When you are jacked, have a powerful physique with muscle thickness and strength. To get this look, you need to do consistent and intense weightlifting that is designed to build muscle. 

Individual Goals 

It is important to note that the terms ripped and jacked can be subjective and open to interpretation. Different fitness communities and people may have varying definitions and expectations for each term. Some may consider ripped as a prerequisite for being jacked and view it as a step to achieving a more substantial muscular look.  

Ultimately the choice between aiming to be ripped or jacked depends on personal goals and preferences. Some people prioritize a lean and defined look while minimal body fat to show off their definition and others aspire to build significant muscle mass that emphasizes strength and size over visible muscle separations.  

The Bottom Line

While both looks are desirable in the world of fitness, they embody distinct characteristics and goals. Understanding the differences allows you to align your fitness goals and tailor your training and nutrition for the desired outcome. The choice is yours to decide whether you’d like to embark on the journey to be ripped or jacked.   

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