The Top 10 Best Fitness Blogs of 2024, as Chosen By Modded’s Editors

Jul 04, 2024

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Fitness trends constantly evolve and staying informed and inspired is key to achieving and maintaining your health goals. With a plethora of fitness blogs out there, finding the right ones can be a game-changer. If you’re stuck, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best fitness blogs for men to get you started. 

1. BarBend

Kicking off the list of the best fitness blogs is BarBend, a leading fitness site catering to a wide audience. From casual gym-goers to professional athletes, anyone who loves a sweat session can find valuable information here. Known for its comprehensive coverage of bodybuilding, powerlifting and CrossFit, BarBend offers expert advice, workout routines and the latest news in the fitness industry. 

The blog stands out for its in-depth reviews of fitness equipment and supplements, helping readers make informed decisions about their training gear and nutritional needs. This comprehensive article, “The Pros and Cons of Creatine, According to a Nutrition Coach,” breaks down the pros and cons of creatine and whether to include it in your supplement lineup.

2. Men’s Health

Men’s Health is one of the best fitness blogs out there. Beginning in 1986 as a health magazine, it’s now a popular online blog too. Covering topics ranging from physical health, diet and sleep to sexual health and emotional well-being and more recently pop culture, there’s something for everyone.

You can expect to find nutritional advice and meal guides designed to support your fitness goals. Mental health is another widely covered topic, focusing on stress management, mindfulness and strategies to improve mental well-being. Articles about celebrities’ workout routines and “What I Eat in a Day” are popular, too. Discover how The Rock gets in shape for his action movies or how Alexander Skarsgard shed the pounds for his new project. 

This blog has some particularly interesting topics exploring the scientific side of health and wellness. Check out why “Young People’s Bodies Are Aging Faster Than Ever” to learn about the habits that speed up and slow down aging.

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3. TrainHeroic

TrainHeroic is a dynamic fitness blog and platform designed for athletes, coaches and fitness enthusiasts looking to boost their performance and training routines. The blog highlights evidence-based training programs and offers various workout plans crafted by top coaches in the industry. 

You’ll find articles on strength training, conditioning, mobility and recovery, all aimed at empowering you with knowledge to optimize your performance. TrainHeroic emphasizes the importance of data-driven training, providing tools and resources to help you track your progress and read your performance metrics. Information on how you can take your fitness to the next level through goal setting and supplementation is also available.

The article, “What the Science Says About Creatine,” is an excellent place to start if you’re eager to dive into the nitty-gritty of popular supplements in the fitness industry. 

4. SimpliFaster

SimpliFaster is a premier fitness blog focusing on enhancing athletic performance through innovative training techniques and technology. Geared toward anyone in the fitness industry, the blog provides a wealth of information on the latest sports performance, strength and conditioning, and speed training advancements. 

SimpliFaster is renowned for its detailed analysis of cutting-edge equipment and training methods, providing readers with insights into how to leverage technology to improve their performance in the gym. This article, “In Defense of Strength Training for Speed: Lifting Heavy Doesn’t Have to Make You Slower,” delves into why runners should make weightlifting a regular part of their routine. 

5. Father Fitness

Father Fitness is a blog dedicated to helping busy dads stay fit and healthy amidst the demands of fatherhood. Created by a fitness lover and dad, the blog offers valuable fitness advice, workout routines and nutrition tips for men balancing family responsibilities and personal health goals. 

Father Fitness emphasizes the importance of making fitness a sustainable part of daily life even though it may not seem achievable or accessible for fathers with limited exercise time. The blog also shares personal stories, experiences and advice on balancing fitness and fatherhood, like this one, “How to Keep Fit and Active Around Your Kids,” adding a relatable and motivational touch to its content.

6. Fit Men Cook

Fit Men Cook is a well-known fitness blog that provides healthy, delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes designed to support an active lifestyle. While focusing primarily on food, there’s still plenty of fitness advice.

Created by Kevin Curry, the blog emphasizes the idea that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring or time-consuming. Explore healthified recipes like frozen cheesecake and smoked turkey. Discover a variety of meal prep ideas, nutrient-dense recipes and cooking tips catering to different dietary preferences and fitness goals.

Fit Men Cook makes it easy for men to incorporate healthy eating into their busy schedules without sacrificing flavor. Kick off your reading with this article, “How to Start Meal Prepping (Guide For The Beginners),” to find out how to make abs in the kitchen.

7. Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle is a well-rounded fitness blog that caters to fitness enthusiasts and coaches by providing high-quality, in-depth articles on any training or health-related topic. Known for its authoritative content, the blog focuses on subjects ranging from weightlifting and mobility to the best fitness equipment and protein powders. 

With scientifically backed advice and expert contributions, you’ll be sure to receive reliable and practical information to improve your gym sessions and nutrition. Check out this article, “Science Investigates the Cause of Muscle Cramps,” to discover the real causes of muscle cramps and up your fitness game.

8. Born Fitness

By simplifying health and fitness advice, Born Fitness earns its name as one of the best fitness blogs. Founded by Adam Bornstein, a well-known fitness expert and author, the blog offers practical and actionable tips on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

Focusing on debunking common fitness myths and misconceptions, the article, “The Meal Timing Myth?,” is an excellent place to start. Born Fitness ensures readers receive accurate and reliable information to take the fitness journey to the next level.

9. Bony to Beastly

Bony to Beastly is a specialized workout blog aimed at helping skinny guys gain muscle mass and transform their physiques. The blog offers comprehensive guidance on the best ways to build muscle, tailored specifically for hardgainers who struggle with putting on weight.

Bony to Beastly stands out for its detailed workout programs and nutrition plans designed to maximize muscle growth and strength gains. For expert tips on gaining weight and building muscle, check out this article, “Bulking Diet Plan: How to Eat for Muscle Growth.”

10. Tony Gentilcore

Tony Gentilcore’s blog is abundant with fitness knowledge. It blends humor and expertise to provide sound advice on strength training and conditioning. As a co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance and a respected strength coach, Tony provides insights drawn from years of experience working with diverse clients, from top athletes to everyday individuals.

Tony’s all about saying it how it is and motivating his clients and readers to push themselves. The article, “Discomfort Builds Growth,” demonstrates the importance of getting uncomfortable in the gym if you truly want to see results. 

Look No Further

Finding the right resources can significantly boost your fitness journey. Look no further than these top 10 fitness blogs to get your fitness journey off to a good start. 

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