What Are the 5 Best Games to Mod in 2024?

Aug 14, 2023

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When developers release games, their titles are usually good enough to play on their own. However, some creative individuals develop alternative ideas for the plots, clothes, weapons, character abilities and more. You know these changes are mods, and you can find them in so many games. So what are the best games to mod? 

Narrowing down the list was hard, but we’ll list the five best games to mod based on the mods themselves and the modding communities.

1. Minecraft 

Let’s start with the best-selling video game of all time. Minecraft has sold over 238 million copies and counting, and there are about as many mods for the iconic game. The beauty of Minecraft is it’s essentially a blank canvas. You can do nearly anything you want with the game! 

One of the most popular mods is Pixelmon. In this world, you get Pokémon and Minecraft in the same universe — what an incredible thought. You can catch and train your Pokémon inside your world and use Poké Balls and technical machines. If you can’t get enough of Pokémon, use Minecraft to battle other players and get the best of both worlds. 

2. Grand Theft Auto V

Making the best games to mod list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series. Modding and GTA go together like peas and carrots, giving gamers a chance to alter the game since the first title in 1997. GTA III in 2001 was the first game to emphasize modding, considering it was the first in the series to have three-dimensional (3D) graphics.

Grand Theft Auto series has the best games to mod, but let’s talk about GTA 5 specifically. The 2013 Rockstar game has so many mods to choose from — listing requires us to sit for an hour to talk about it. Let’s narrow it down to our favorites. 

Police Officer

GTA is famous for letting you be a mastermind criminal, but what if the roles are reversed? Some GTA mods make you a police officer who tracks down criminals who speed, steal cars and commit other heinous crimes in Los Santos. 

Multiplayer Story

As great as GTA is, you can only do single-player in story mode. If your buddies come over on the weekend, you have to share the controller and take turns using Trevor, Franklin and Michael. However, the two-player mod lets you do a co-op with up to four players as long as you have four controllers.

The Incredible Hulk

Ah, the Incredible Hulk — one of the beloved (or hated) Marvel characters. The Hulk mod for GTA V is an excellent way to combine two fantasy worlds as you take control of the green monster (not Fenway Park, although that would be cool). Stomp through Los Santos and destroy as much as you want because he’s invincible.

3. NCAA Football 14

Hear us out on this one. Sports games aren’t necessarily famous for their mods, but EA Sports’ NCAA Football 14 has carved its niche in the video game world. NCAA Football 14 is the most recent addition to the collegiate game collection, debuting in July 2013. The next college football game won’t come out until 2024, so we have to stick with this game for now. 

The most popular mod is known as Revamped. With Revamped, you can add the College Football Playoff, which wouldn’t start until the 2014-2015 season. The mod is fantastic because you are on the committee by yourself. You get to select the four teams eligible for the playoff, so you can ensure TCU gets in every season and Alabama does not.

4. Garry’s Mod

What if you played a game with no objectives? Garry’s Mod provides you with the “Seinfeld” of video games — a game about nothing! Garry Newman debuted the game as a mod for the famous Half-Life 2, but by 2006 it became its own game. It’s genuinely a sandbox game because you control everything.

Load Garry’s Mod to find numerous game options, such as Sandbox or Trouble in Terrorist Town. With Sandbox, you can spawn vehicles, weapons and other tools available in the game while playing with other users. If you want objectives, Trouble in Terrorist Town is an excellent mod to play. You play as a detective and innocent to get rid of the traitor — whereas traitors try to survive without suspicion.

5. Doom

Last but certainly not least is Doom. This video game series debuted just before Christmas 1993 and has been a mainstay for gamers for 30 years. Doom has been one of the best games to mod since the beginning because the engine is open-source. In 1997, the creators released the Linux version’s source code four years after the first game’s release, allowing players to do nearly anything. 

There are a ton of Doom mods, so let’s run through a few of them:

  • Ashes 2063: This mod puts you in a post-apocalyptic future. Nuclear war has ruined the planet, so it’s up to you to find weapons and supplies amidst the ashes. The enemies are quick on their feet, so you’ll need to react quickly to survive.
  • Project Brutality: Does Doom come easy to you? Give Project Brutality a try and get back to us. This mod introduces more weapons and enemies to make the game even harder. The levels are more challenging, and you must fight off even angrier rivals.
  • Sigil: If you love the original Doom, you’ll enjoy Sigil. This timeline occurs after the original game and gives you an entirely new campaign. Everything is new, including the enemies, weapons and other supplies. Watch out for new secrets throughout the mod to unlock secret levels.

The Best Games to Mod for Endless Fun

Video games are awesome because they demonstrate human creativity — but ingenuity doesn’t stop at the release. Mods let you do nearly anything you want with the game, providing hours of endless fun. Did we miss any best games to mod on the list? We should give honorable mentions to Skyrim, Fallout and Counter-Strike. 

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