A Guide for Modding GTA 5

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Imagine flying around Los Santos as Spider-Man or destroying the streets as the Incredible Hulk. These images may feel like a fantasy, but they’re closer to reality than you think. The recipe comes through modding GTA 5. 

Modding is one of the most fun things you can do with video games. Skyrim, Fallout and Doom are only some of the most notable games with fun mods. Though, it doesn’t get much more fun than GTA. Here’s a guide to mod GTA 5, Rockstar’s iconic game.  

What Is Modding?

First, let’s talk about modding. The term comes from the word modification. It means you’re changing fundamental aspects of a video game, contrasting what the original creator intended. Do you think Rockstar intended for Michael and Franklin to catch Los Santos residents in Pokéballs and use them for fighting law enforcement? The answer is no, but you’re more than free to do it. 

Why Do People Like Modding GTA?

GTA 5 is one of the most fun games you’ll ever play. The riveting story mode engages you with enigmatic characters like Trevor, Michael and Franklin. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Lamar Davis. Outside the story, you can skydive, race cars in the streets, run a taxi business and hunt elk. You can also pass the time by playing tennis and golf. Seriously, the possibilities are endless. 

You can play for hundreds of hours in the game and not get bored. However, at some point, you’ll run out of things to do. That’s where modding GTA comes into play. Altering the game allows users to add their spins and share their creations with the community. You can insert real-life cars and exciting weather events into Los Santos to make the game fun and challenging. 

Does Rockstar Allow GTA Modding?

Modding GTA is a fun experience, but you should tread carefully. Altering the game is permissible if you’re playing in story mode, also known as offline. In 2015, Rockstar assured the gaming community they won’t ban players for modding story mode. You’re welcome to alter the game if you’re playing alone. 

However, the rules change when you start to play online. Rockstar bans players they catch for installing mods online. Mods can become a liability because you’re messing with the game for other players. Rockstar wants everybody on an even footing in the online servers. It’s unfair if you’re in god mode, unable to die, and others run around like mortals. If you want a fully armored Ferrari with rockets, stick to offline mode. 

How Can You Get into Modding GTA 5?

So, you want to get into modding GTA? The easiest way to mod the game is by playing on a PC. Altering the game on a console is doable but more complicated. Here are some ways to mod the game on PC:

  • Script Hook V: If you’re modding GTA story mode, the go-to program is Script Hook V. Alexander Blade created this software, and his website details how to install the program. With Script Hook V, you can choose from hundreds upon thousands of fun mods in the GTA community.
  • LUA Plugin: Some mods are particular and require unique installations. For example, they may ask you to download LUA. This software is prominent for those who mod Roblox, and you might need it for GTA. LUA is simple, allowing a reasonably easy installation for modding beginners.
  • OpenIV: OpenIV is a popular mod for Rockstar fans. Gamers have used it for Max Payne 3, GTA 4, Red Dead Redemption 2 and more. This software acts as an archive manager, allowing numerous mods like cars and user-created missions to add to the story mode.

Modding GTA on a console is possible, but it’s very difficult to do. Consoles like the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X don’t officially support mods, so using them can damage your console. Buying a PS5 costs a minimum of $400 if you can find one in the store. Many people turn to resellers and online markets, where sellers often reach $800 or more because the demand is high and supply is low. 

What Are The Most Fun GTA Mods?

Counting all the GTA mods out there would take a long time. This community is still going strong even though nearly 10 years have passed since the release date. These community mods are some of the most fun you’ll have in the game.

Police Officer

The plot of GTA centers around crime. You’re the criminal who does bank heists and even works with one government agency to take down another. However, what if you could be on the right side of the law? 

Some GTA mods allow you to be a police officer. You can catch criminals and do high-speed chases on the road. You can act as the highway patrol and give tickets to speeding drivers. 

Trucker Life

I just can’t wait to get on the road again. If you like trucking, some mods bring the popular career to the video game with various missions. The game introduces trucking in the story. For example, Trevor drives the 18-wheeler with stolen vehicles to Paleto Bay. 

For example, look at the Euro Truck Simulator. With this mod, you can deliver goods across San Andreas. Trucking is much more challenging in the game when you have to deal with unruly criminals attempting to steal your hauls.   

Fictional Vehicles

All vehicles in GTA are technically fictional. There are plenty of comparisons between the game and real life. For example, the Obey is a clone of Audi vehicles. Driving a Pegassi is supposed to be like operating a Lamborghini. 

Could you take it further? GTA mods allow you to put fictional vehicles from the movies inside the game. Have you ever wanted to drive the DeLorean? Put yourself in “Back to the Future” and live out your fantasy. Other mods for fictional vehicles include the Batmobile and other iconic cars. 

Armed Citizens

Most Los Santos residents are unarmed and will run away if you scare them. The same can’t be said for Grove Street or the trailer parks. What if all the citizens had weapons? The game would be much more difficult. 

Some mods like Pedestrian Riot alter the CPU to be much more aggressive if you bother them. They also have the same powerful weapons you do. The guy you knock to the ground could have a mini-gun or an RPG. Tread carefully because this world is much more demanding. 

Modding GTA for the Memes

Imagine you’re playing video games with friends on a weekend. What brings more laughs and fun times than the Grand Theft Auto series? It’s hardly a secret why GTA 5 is the second-best-selling video game ever. If you’re curious about modding GTA, give it a try. Do it only in story mode because you don’t want to risk a ban. 

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