Mustard Virus: One of the Best Minecraft Modpacks


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One of the best ways to increase replayability in a video game is through modding. Mods are creative ways for gamers to edit their experience for more customized and improved gameplay. It is a way for fans to engage with the game’s foundation, whether for purely gameplay reasons or to experiment with game development on their own. Minecraft is extremely moldable, with seemingly infinite customization options for exploratory players. These 15 best Minecraft modpacks will get you started on a journey you’ve never seen before in the vanilla Minecraft journey.

What Is a Modpack?

If you have modded other games, the phrase “modpack” might make you turn up your head a little bit. A standard mod is a singular edit to an entire game, even if the mod is made up of several assets. However, a modpack includes a collection of mods that support each other to have a greater impact on the overall experience.

The modpacks are certain to work well with each other, whereas standard modding might require you to finagle with settings and configurations to ensure everything is harmonious. Countless independent modders out there use different codes and strategies, but a modpack is already optimized. CurseForge is the best place to look for any of Minecraft’s over 100,000 available mods.

So, let’s dive into the most creative and well-known modpacks for veteran or incoming Minecraft dwellers. It’s a lot to dig through, and you don’t have the time — there are games to play.

1. Pixelmon

Let’s start off strong with some fandom-related modpacks. With Minecraft’s style, it’s easy to take a few pixels and make it look like just about everything. Pokémon is no exception. Pixelmon allows players to become trainers, catching and breeding a medley of Pokémon out in whatever wilderness you choose. It is the Pokémon aesthetic with a Minecraft twist, including an explorer’s compass and other adventuring boons.

2. RLCraft

This modpack is one of the most recognized in the community, and it is well-deserved. The “RL” stands for “Real Life,” and the creator’s objective was to make this cute, calming game a little bit more intense. It enhances the survival and adventuring side with an ominous warning to players that you will die, frequently — traverse carefully, for RLCraft is for the experienced and not faint-of-heart.

RLCraft - one of the best minecraft modpacks

3. Mustard Virus

This mod is one of the most inventive apocalyptic modpacks on the market. There are hordes of zombies, tempted by even the smallest sliver of light or sound. How quiet can you be traversing the terrifying night — or day, especially when the sunlight has no effect on your enemies?

4. All the Mods

The All the Mods pack is exactly what is said on the tin. It is on its eighth iteration, including the big names in Minecraft modding. It is not literally all the Minecraft mods that exist — that’s a lot of gigabytes. But, the curators of the modpack ensure every additional modpack in the set works with each other on their well-tended servers. They include everything from cosmetics to roleplaying mods, such as Additional Lights and Lanterns, Blue Flame Burning, Mystical Agriculture, and Waystones.

5. For Dungeons & Dragons Players

Too many zombies? Need more fantasy? Even if you’re not a diehard Dungeons & Dragons fan, these mods will give your server a touch of whimsy and magic, including:

  • Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles: Hit the crafty side by exploring this pack’s 1700+ quests in four unique categories that stretch your wits.
  • Advanced Wizardry: Become the spellcaster you’ve always dreamed of by studying ancient texts and exploring mystical artifacts.
  • Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons: Experience the joy of dungeon-crawling like the good old days in countless dimensions, including a Twilight realm and Aether zone.

6. OriginsSMP

The name stands for Origins Survival Multiplayer — with that context, you can probably guess what kind of modpack this is. It builds off another mod called “Origins,” which is a unique Minecraft experience where players spawn with differing abilities. It is popular with a small niche of streamers.

OriginsSMP - one of the best best minecraft modpacks

7. Skyfactory 4

If you ever wanted your Minecraft game to head a bit skyward, SkyFactory 4 has you covered. The name relays the objective — starting with a tiny sapling and some land, construct an awesome factory. Enchant the land and automate processes with this unique skyborn modpack.

8. Better Minecraft

It’s hard to describe a modpack as the base-game of Minecraft but better — but that is exactly what Better Minecraft is. It doesn’t alter content so drastically that it becomes a different game, but it includes a few new twists like cool enemies and biomes to explore.

9. Regrowth

If you’re itching for some linear narrative play, Regrowth might scratch the itch. Your character begins in a wasteland, and it is your job to bring it back to life. Build infrastructure, grow plants and fight monsters as you see fit in a very rewarding and inspiring modpack.

10. Fabulously Optimized

This modpack is less about creating a new story or challenge and more about quality of life changes. It improves FPS, cleans up textures, lengthens chat histories, expedites load times, and diagnoses bugs. It is the one modpack every Minecraft player should have, regardless of what your playstyle is.

Fabulously Optimized - one of the best minecraft modpacks

11. DawnCraft

DawnCraft reinvents the Minecraft wheel by turning combat and difficulty up a notch. Bosses are more intricate and challenging, mobs are smarter and more strategized, and new structures make traversing terrain more immersive. If you’ve ever wanted a Dark Souls-Minecraft mashup, this is the modpack for you.

12. Forever Stranded

Quests lines lead players through a relentless environment after a crash onto an unknown planet. There are interesting interactions between night and day to keep players on their toes as they wander this hardcore challenge — just remember to stay hydrated.

Modcraft Anyone? Try These Best Minecraft Modpacks

Prepare for some loading issues, maybe even a bug or two. Regardless, installing the best Minecraft modpacks will surely bring countless more hours of laugh-out-loud, creative fun to your server. 

You can share the joys of a dungeon or Pokémon friends in the sky or on a farm as if the modpacks had been there the entire time. Minecraft is an older game, but it is far from dead — keep your eyes peeled for even more crazy modpacks as players get even more imaginative.

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