The 13 Weirdest Games You’ll Ever Play 

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Video games are art, but they can also just be an unexpectedly weird way to spend your time. Among a sea of video game masterpieces like Baulder’s Gate 3, The Legend of Zelda; Tears of the Kingdom and Resident Evil — to name too few — there are questionable titles. These are the weirdest games we could find. Some are excellent experiences, while others will make you scratch your head.


Mason Lindroth has created one of the most trippy, claymation experiences in video game history. You don’t even need to know why this is one of the weirdest games by knowing its plot — just listen to these elements. In this game, you have Cone Cultists, the King of the Moon, the Horrid Projection, hot dogs, spaceships, archaeology and explosives. It is a trip unlike any other. It received a sequel in 2020.

Thirty Flights of Loving

Blendo Games produced a sequel to their cult classic game Gravity Bone. In this title, you play a character engaging in a heist. The art is enough to unsettle people, but when you start drinking, dancing, flying, shooting guns and riding motorcycles, you don’t anticipate learning a fluid dynamics lesson by the end — but you do.

Good Time Garden

Publisher Coal Supper offers a 15- to 20-minute unforgettable yet surreal experience, hand-drawn in pastel pinks and oranges. You traverse a fever dream-like world full of naked, strangely voice-acted creatures, solving light puzzles until you fulfill your mission. Whether or not you feel relief or bewilderment at your character’s fate is up to you.


WarioWare: Smooth Moves

This classic Wario entry on the Wii may not be as strange as others on this list if you’re familiar with the franchise. If this is your first time experiencing Wario’s legendary microgames, you might feel confused. You’re instructed by a sultry narrator on various forms, much like you’re in martial arts, except it’s the way to hold the Wii Remote and Nunchuck controller. 

These forms allow you to play minigames that are sometimes only a few seconds long, with objectives like picking a nose, putting in someone’s dentures, and knocking someone over in an aggressive game of patty cake.


In this role-playing game from Unproductive Fun Time, you play as The Batter. All you know is that you are on a mission to purify the world, all while in a baseball uniform. You learn more about the world as the character does, allowing players to be immersed in this strange, twisted world. It inspired a fangame years after its release called “Home.”

Samsara Room

This game is part of the indie puzzle universe brought to you by Rusty Lake. This point-and-click puzzle game forces you to unlock physical and mental understanding of the boundaries of life and death. Be careful when looking in the mirror, clocks and dressers — you’ll be surprised what you find among the secrets from the birds and books around the room.

Katamari Damacy

This list wouldn’t be complete without the joyous romp that is “Katamari Damacy.” In this series, you play The Prince, whose father is the King of the Cosmos. Your father is demanding and condescending, even though he destroyed all the stars in the sky and tasks you to fix everything. 

He gives you a katamari, a sticky ball, which you roll around Earth to collect items to transform into celestial objects. The popping colors and banger soundtrack make you forget how strange it is to roll up school kids, the Eiffel Tower and tornadoes — just to please your dad.

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The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo

This game will make you nostalgic based on the art style alone, but it is definitely one of the weirdest games on this list. You play as Mr. Coo, but at the start of the game, you lose the pieces of your body. Spend the game navigating a world of strange devices, eclectic monsters and humorous nonsense to eventually fall back in place.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Imagine if your wife didn’t know you were an octopus, and you had to carry out the responsibilities of a hard-working family member with eight legs. This game is the ultimate test of controller expertise, as you individually maneuver each body part to fool everyone into thinking you’re a totally normal part of society.

I Am Bread

Have you ever imagined what it was like to be a piece of bread, and all you’ve ever wanted in life was to become toast? This is no joke — that is what this game is about. 

Hatoful Boyfriend

Dating simulators are all the rage, and some of them have the most gripping characters and narratives in gaming. But, few are as wild as this one, where all of your choices are pigeons. Attend a high-class school as you learn more about your bird friends to find true love. This was originally an April Fool’s joke, but it turned into a cult classic.

LSD: Dream Emulator

Time to whip out the old PlayStation to boot up this 1998 gem. Some would say this isn’t even a game, because there is no point. It is all about exploration where players navigate a dream-like world of vibrant environments inspired by an actual dream diary from an employee on the development team. This is actually an extremely rare game, as its limited release and internet publicity allowed it to skyrocket in price.



There is no list of weirdest games on the internet without “Seaman.” In this game, you take care of your pet, Seaman, which is a fish with a human face. This game operates in real-time, so players are encouraged to keep an eye on Seaman regularly. The game is bizarre, funny, unsettling and visually confusing. This doesn’t even touch on the game’s story, which is only enhanced by the fact you actually talk to your pet through the Dreamcast Microphone.

The Weirdest Video Games Aren’t Even Made Yet

Humans have already made some mind-bending games, but the weirdest is yet to come. This also doesn’t even consider fanmade and the world of licensed games that shouldn’t have even been made — looking at you, “Sonic Dreams Collection.”

What are some of the weirdest games we didn’t put on this list? 

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