The Fastest Pokemon Ever: A Ranking Across All Games

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Pokemon is an undisputed classic video game series. It’s one of the many reasons to own a Switch and has enough variety across its nine mainline generations to keep you entertained for hours. But across all these games, what are the fastest Pokemon?

While every stat is important, it’s hard to overlook the value of being able to strike first. So, if you’re interested in building a quick-hitting team or are just curious, here’s a look at the fastest Pokemon across all mainline games.

Before getting started — we’re not including mega evolutions in this list, as they’re temporary and you can only use one at a time. Now let’s get into it.

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1. Regieleki

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the fastest Pokemon of all time is a legendary. Regieleki — which didn’t appear until Gen Eight — has a staggering base speed of 200 and a max speed of 548. 

Interestingly, Regieleki’s listing on the official Pokemon website still shows room to grow in the speed stat column. Could that mean a future game will introduce an even faster Pokemon? You’ll have to wait and see.

2. Deoxys (Speed Forme)

Next in this list is, unsurprisingly, another legendary — Deoxys. More specifically, it’s Deoxys in Speed Forme, which has a base speed stat of 180 and a maximum of 504.

While 20 points lower than Regieleki is quite the gap, Speed Forme Deoxys is still quite a bit faster than everything below it. As such, it’s remained at the top of the list for years. In fact, it held the number one spot since its Gen Three debut up until Regieleki came along.

3. Ninjask

The honor of the third-fastest Pokemon and the fastest non-legendary goes to Ninjask. This Gen Three bug Pokemon has a base speed of 160 and a max of 460. That may not be anything close to Deoxys or Regieleki, but it’s lightning-fast compared to the entire Pokedex.

Ninjask also has the Speed Boost ability, which temporarily raises its speed stat after each turn in a battle. That, on top of its blistering base speed, makes a powerful combo.

4. Pheromosa

Next in the ranking is Pheromosa, one of the alternate-dimension Ultra Beasts from Sun and Moon. It’s also the fastest of that line of Pokemon, coming at a 151 base speed and 441 max.

Like Ninjask, Pheromosa also has an ability that can increase its speed in battle. Beast Boost raises your Pokemon’s highest stat every time you knock out an opponent, and with Pheromosa, that’s speed.

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5. Electrode, Deoxys (Attack and Normal Forme) and Calyrex

In fifth place, there’s a four-way tie. Electrode, Attack Forme Deoxys, Normal Forme Deoxys and Calyrex in Shadow Rider form all have the same base speed — 150. They also share a max speed of 438.

As mentioned earlier, we’re not including mega evolutions here. However, this tie would include two more Pokemon if you did. Mega Aerodactyl and Mega Alakazam also fall into the 150 base speed club.

6. Zacian (Crowned Sword)

The sixth fastest Pokemon is the Crowned Sword version of Zacian. This is the version that graces the cover of Pokemon Sword, the second-best-selling Pokemon generation, and has a base speed stat of 148 with a max of 434.

To get Crowned Sword Zacian, you’ll need to give the legendary Pokemon a Rusted Sword. In Sword, that’s as simple as catching Zacian, but you’ll have to buy the item at auction in Porto Marinada in Scarlet and Violet.

7. Accelgor

Right behind Zacian is Accelgor. This Gen Five bug-type Pokemon has a 145 base speed stat and a max of 427.

Accelgor may be a bit of a surprise on this list because its pre-evolution, Shelmet, has a base speed of just 25. That’s just one more reason not to give up on weak early-stage Pokemon. The likes of Accelgor and Gyarados show that some of the worst first stages evolve into some of the best.

8. Zeraora

Zeraora doesn’t fall far behind in the list of the fastest Pokemon ever. Its base speed is just two points below Accelgor’s at 143, and it has a max of 423.

Despite not appearing in the series until Gen Seven, Zeraora is becoming something of a mainstay in Pokemon. It’s been in every generation since. That popularity, plus its impressive speed, makes it a great addition to your team across multiple titles.

9. Dragapult

Next on the list and taking the honor of the fastest ghost-type Pokemon is Dragapult. This pseudo-legendary and instant fan favorite boasts a base speed of 142 with a max stat of 421.

On top of being fast, Dragapult has an impressive move set and a beefy attack stat. It’s also immune to stat-lowering effects, so it’ll keep that attack and speed for the duration of a battle. Dragapult won’t evolve from Drakloak until level 60, but it’s more than worth the effort to get it there.

10. Zacian and Zamazenta

Rounding out the list of the fastest Pokemon is Zacian in the form you first catch it in, also known as the Hero of Many Battles. It’s not nearly as quick without a Rusty Sword, but its base stat is still 138, with a max of 412 — far from slow.

Zacian shares this spot with its Pokemon Shield counterpart, Zamazenta. Unlike Zacian, Zamazenta gets slower when it takes on its true, item-holding form, but its Hero of Many Battles form is just as quick as Zacian’s.

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What Is the Fastest Pokemon Type?

Now you know which specific Pokemon are the fastest, but what about types? That honor goes to the electric type, which you may have noticed from the multiple electric entries on this list.

While everyone’s favorite electric mouse and excellent starter Smash character, Pikachu, doesn’t break the top 10, this category has the highest max and median speed stats of any typing. Flying and psychic Pokemon aren’t far behind, though, so look for these types for some variety without sacrificing speed.

Strike First with the Fastest Pokemon

Using the fastest Pokemon will give you an edge in battle, especially against higher-HP but slower opponents. If that sounds like your kind of strategy, start with this list. These are the quickest Pokemon you’ll find across all nine mainline generations.

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