How To Play Games on ChatGPT

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The chatbot can generate texts, help you write an article or essay and help with content creation, but did you know you can play games with the chatbot? If you have ever wondered how to play games on ChatGPT, here’s a guide to help you. 

How does ChatGPT work?

ChatGPT is an AI tool that creates humanlike text and dialogue through natural language processing (NLP). Researchers and entrepreneurs, including Sam Altman and Elon Musk made the tool and launched it through OpenAI in November 2022. The language model can answer questions and create written content like blog posts, essays, social media updates and code. You can also use ChatGPT for fun by asking the chatbot to tell you jokes or play games.

ChatGPT uses the Generative Pre-trained Transformer to find patterns in data sequences. Through transformer neural networks, ChatGPT uses deep learning, a branch of machine learning, to create text that resembles human speech. The transformer predicts text, including the next word, sentence, or paragraph, using the regular sequence of its training data.

ChatGPT was taught using internet text to pick up on human language. Human trainers would test the chatbot with conversation and rank the replies to teach the AI tool to determine the best answers for questions. 

How To Play Games on ChatGPT

Although ChatGPT’s primary purpose isn’t gaming, you can use prompts to get the chatbot to play based on your request. When you make prompts, you must be as specific as possible about the chatbot’s role in the game and what you want it to do. You can play on your personal computer or smartphone, although it’s a completely different experience from playing games on a Nintendo Switch or other handheld consoles without images or sound.

Emoji Translation

ChatGPT will show you a series of emojis in this game and then ask you to guess what they mean. For example, it might give you a castle, dragon and fire (for Game of Thrones). You then respond with your guess and ChatGPT will let you know if you’re correct or incorrect and continue talking to you until you figure it out or give up.

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You can play chess with ChatGPT in two ways: use a third-party app or play directly with the chatbot.

If you’re familiar with the algebraic chess notation, you can ask ChatGPT to play chess with you using this prompt:

 Hi ChatGPT. I would like to play chess and improve my skills. I will play as black and you will play as white. When I start my turn, I will send the PGN (Portable Game Notion) for the entire game. For your turn, just send the move that you would play as black in this format: “1. [your move here]” where [your move here] indicates any valid move for black. 

You will play the game using coordinates to identify the location of the squares and chess pieces on the board. Sometimes, the chatbot glitches and forgets the game, so you must send a PGN before your turn. You can also ask ChatGPT to respond with witty comebacks to your moves or to explain why it’s making certain moves. 

To translate this into a visual game, go to > Learn > Analysis. A board will come up and you can use this to see both your moves on an actual chessboard. 

If you want to skip the algebraic notation, you can use, ChatGPT connected to a chessboard. If you’re wearing headphones or in a public space, just reduce the volume before you play. The Gameboard uses video game sounds that might be slightly distracting. 

Guess Who

You can ask ChatGPT to guess the name of a character, movie or book or to guess what you are. ChatGPT will ask some questions and guess the character or movie title you are thinking of. 

Use the prompt:  Hi ChatGPT, let’s play Guess Who. You have ten questions to guess who I am and I will answer yes or no. 

The chatbot will ask for a hint and then ask questions about the character or person. You can also ask it to pick a character, movie or thing, then you guess by asking questions. 

Dungeons and Dragons

If you want some creative ideas to make your campaigns more interesting as a Dungeon Master or a player looking for ideas for your character, you’ll be happy to know that ChatGPt can help. Here are some ways you can collaborate with the AI in Dungeons and Dragons: 

  • World building. You can use prompts to get ChatGPT to help you create detailed and vivid worlds for gameplay. For example, you can ask the chatbot to ‘Describe a dangerous and mysterious forest with magical creaturs’ or ‘Describe a city suspended in the sky and the magic or technology that keeps it afloat’. 
  • Generating NPCs. You can focus more on plot development and storytelling by getting the chatbot to create unique NPC personalities. It gives you a basic outline and personality traits and can generate in-depth responses and dialogues. 
  • Creating Unpredictable encounters. The chatbot can act as a tool for improvisation and offers unexpected twists during the game. You can use it to generate outcomes based on the player’s actions and the scenario. 
  • Simulating conversations and roleplay. ChatGPT can respond in character and to adapt to the player’s choices. You can use the AI to simulate conversations between NPCs and players for exciting and dynamic dialogue. 

Trivia Games

You can play General Knowledge Trivia with the chatbot to test your knowledge on various topics, such as history, science, literature, and art. Use the prompt: Hi ChatGPT. Let’s play a quiz game. Ask me questions about [topic]. Ask me [number of questions], one by one. 

  • Movie Trivia tests your knowledge about movies, actors, and directors.
  • Geography Trivia asks questions about countries, capitals, monuments, and cultures.
  • Science Trivia quizzes you on various scientific disciplines, such as biology, physics, chemistry, and astronomy.

You can choose either one of these topics or just ask ChatGPT to play a trivia game and it will ask you some general knowledge questions. 

Have a Blast With ChatGPT Games 

You can play almost any game on ChatGPT if you have the right prompt. It’s a fun way to pass the time and beat boredom or learn new things.

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