Why You Need a Nintendo Switch


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As of late, more people are slowing down and enjoying spending time at home. One of the best parts of staying at home is that you get to experience the unique fictional worlds of video gaming. Games aren’t just for kids — you can find plenty of exciting games on the Nintendo Switch that you can play alone or with friends, cooperatively or competitively.

The Many Benefits of Gaming

Gaming isn’t the unpopular pastime that it used to be. Now, people love gaming, and companies invite hardcore and casual gamers into the world with their diversity of titles. One player may enjoy playing against others in games like Splatoon or Super Smash Bros., but others might enjoy the more relaxed and casual pace of Animal Crossing: new Horizons on the Nintendo Switch. Games exist for everyone, and no matter your favorite type, you’re destined to find a game that works well for you.

Video games can support your bonds with other people and deepen the relationships you have with people who play games with you. When you can’t meet up with your friends in person, gaming online with them is the next best thing for your social life. It’s the perfect excuse to dive into a new generation of consoles and pick up the games you used to like when you were a kid.

How the Nintendo Switch Is Built

If you played any of Nintendo’s games when you were younger, you should have an excellent idea of what its systems are like. The Nintendo Switch is a little different, though — it’s the first Nintendo platform to be both a handheld device and a console. Players can hook their Switch up to their television to play games on a big screen, or they can take it with them on the go to meet new people and play with them. Its built-in cooling system ensures that it will never overheat while you’re playing a game you love.

Also, if you only enjoy playing handheld systems, the Switch has a solution for you. The Nintendo Switch Lite is the same as the original Switch, except it’s smaller and more compact, perfect for handheld gaming. It has a better battery life than its original predecessor, too.

The Switch’s Online Capabilities

Gaming is also an excellent way to hang out with your friends in the virtual world without worrying about meeting up with them. You can purchase a Nintendo Online membership so your Nintendo Switch can reap the extra benefits of playing online with other people. It changes some games entirely.

With a Nintendo Online membership, you can do so much more with the games you own. A few of the games involve playing with or against other people, allowing you to rank in global competitions and earn nice in-game prizes for participating. It does cost extra, but it opens up a new world in the games that you’ve already been playing. It’s great for those who want to play with faraway friends or strangers online.

The Best Nintendo Switch Games for Men

The Nintendo Switch library has games for just about everyone. Every kind of gamer will find something to enjoy in a Switch game. These games are just a few of the best ones you can find, each scratching a different itch you may encounter when wanting to game. Try them out if you’re stuck in a rut.

1. Pokemon Sword and Shield

This beloved game has spanned over eight generations. Pokemon Sword and Shield were revolutionary games for the franchise that brought the main games of the series to the Nintendo Switch. You can completely customize your characters and battle through a brand-new Pokemon League by defeating eight Gym Leaders. The game also urges you to seek to understand the mystery of the Dynamax Pokemon and enjoy the new regional variants of some of your old favorites.

This game also has paid DLC you can purchase to visit new lands. These new lands offer more Pokemon to fill out your Pokedex — allowing you to finally attempt catching them all. While not every Pokemon is available in these games, they pave the way for all of them to be added in the future.

2. Mario Kart 8

The latest installment in the friendship-ruining game franchise, Mario Kart 8 lets you play against your loved ones on several courses — some new, but many blasts from the past that you may have played as a kid. You can play as several new faces or stick to your old favorites.

You can get 48 additional courses to race on with your friends by opting for paid DLC. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the ultimate game for any racing fan, especially if you have loved the games in the past. If you don’t want to play with friends, you can race yourself and strive to beat your time.

3. Ring Fit Adventure

With a story mode and a quick exercise mode, Ring Fit Adventure is great for anyone who wants to stay home from the gym but still get their workout in. It comes equipped with a ring and a leg band that you wear with your Joy-Cons so it can track your progress. Level up through each course and access more difficult workouts in the 100+ levels of this fascinating game.

Get this game if you want to see some results from your gaming progress. You don’t have to sit still to use this game — in fact, it encourages you to stand and get moving. It’s possible to lose a significant amount of weight by just playing Ring Fit Adventure and adjusting your diet slightly. Why not give it a try and see if it works for you?

Start Your Gaming Adventure

Gaming has never been so easy or as versatile as it is now. Everyone is into video games, meaning that you have a great chance to foster bonds with the people you love as you play with a Nintendo Switch Online membership or even just in-person with each other. There’s no reason to stay away from gaming any longer. Go on and start your adventure.

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