The 10 Best Smash Bros. Characters for Beginners

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The Smash Bros. series has been a favorite of both casual and competitive gamers since the GameCube era. People take it seriously, which can make the game a little intimidating if you haven’t played it much. A good place to start if you want to get better is learning the best Smash Bros. characters for beginners.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of our favorite fighting games and an undeniable good time once you get the swing of it. So, to help you enjoy it more, here are the 10 best characters to try out as a newbie.

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1. Kirby

Topping this list is everyone’s favorite pink puffball of destruction, Kirby. Kirby’s not the strongest character in the game, but he is one of the easiest to learn. His copy ability also lets you get a wide variety of attacks, from ranged and weak to point-blank and strong.

Kirby can also jump mid-air up to six times, making it easy to get back to safety if you take a hit. That air maneuverability comes in handy when using Kirby’s powerful down-B move, too. 

2. Meta Knight

Meta Knight is a close second for the best Smash Bros. character for beginners because he’s so similar to Kirby. He has the same number of jumps and controls much the same.

You’ll find that Meta Knight’s move set is a little harder to master than Kirby’s. That said, most competitive Smash Bros. tier lists place him at least a few tiers above Kirby, thanks to his added strength. Once you get the hang of him, his moves can be hard to avoid.

3. Lucina

Fire Emblem characters take up a huge portion of Smash Ultimate’s roster, and Lucina is the best of these for beginners. While many sword-based characters in the game come with a steep learning curve, Lucina is fairly approachable.

Lucina is an echo character of Marth and controls largely the same but with an important distinction. She deals the same amount of damage with every part of her sword. She’s also fast and has a good recovery, making her solid on the defensive end.

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4. Pikachu

Pikachu, the face of the world’s most valuable media franchise, is also a powerful Smash character. Many competitive players rank Pikachu as a top-tier choice, but the electric mouse is still fairly easy to get the hang of.

You’ll find Pikachu offers a nice balance between speed and strength, letting you dodge attacks and avoid flying off the map. The Pokemon also has a devastating down-B attack and the added advantage of many moves temporarily stunning enemies.

5. Bowser

Bowser is another one of the more familiar faces among the best Smash Bros. characters for newbies. The Koopa King isn’t nearly as fast as Pikachu or as maneuverable as Kirby, but what he lacks in mobility, he makes up for in strength. Bowser is an absolute tank.

While some beginners may find heavier characters harder to control, Bowser’s move set is relatively straightforward. He can also take a beating, so you don’t have to worry much about dodging or blocking. Unlike many characters, he can also attack while taking damage.

6. King K. Rool

King K. Rool is similar to Bowser in that he’s a slow but powerful choice. He’s also one of the few heavy characters in the game who have a ranged attack. Beginners will find that useful, as you won’t have to get too close to danger to deal damage.

The only reason K. Rool ranks below Bowser is that he can become temporarily stunned if an opponent wears down his armor enough. He’s also a bit slower, which can be frustrating for some players.

7. Young Link

For those who want a more balanced character, Young Link is a solid option. Toon Link is almost identical, but Young Link has a slight advantage thanks to his arrows knocking enemies off their feet. He has an edge over regular old Link for beginners because his bombs are easier to control.

Young Link performs like most other sword wielders at point-blank range. You’ll get the most value by playing from a distance, though. His variety of ranged attacks, plus a small hitbox and decent speed, make it easy to deal damage without taking any.

8. Isabelle

Isabelle is another one of the best Smash Bros. characters for beginners. Hailing from one of the best multiplayer games on Switch, Isabelle may take a bit to get used to, but she packs a punch once you do.

Learn to use Isabelle’s fishing rod and you’ll send enemies flying without having to get up close. Plant rockets between you and your opponents to lay an easy-to-miss trap. Did someone knock you off the stage? No problem. Isabelle has an excellent recovery.

9. Richter

For something with less of a learning curve, try Richter. This Castlevania character’s ranged attacks are among the best in the game. He has plenty of projectiles, and his base attacks have a longer reach than most other fighters.

Richter’s counterpart, Simon, is similar, but Ricther is easier to control, as his whip deals full damage regardless of which part hits your foes. So why doesn’t he rank higher? His recovery isn’t great, and that’s a crucial part of the game for beginners.

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10. Mario

Rounding out this list is the most recognizable character of them all — the mustachioed plumber himself, Mario. As you might expect, Mario is about as balanced as they come. He’s decently fast, strong without being a tank and has enough air game for an easy recovery.

Mario is rather combo-focused, which means he’s not the easiest for beginners. That said, his combos are about as straightforward as they get. All this balance comes at the cost of not being a standout in any one area, though.

Use the Best Smash Bros. Characters to Level Up Your Game

Who is the best character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? With balance patches and ever-developing strategies, it’s difficult to say for sure. The best Smash characters are the ones you enjoy playing with the most.

Smash Bros., like many of its roster, is accessible to anyone but tricky to master. These 10 best Smash Bros. characters will help you move past that entry-level to get better at the game quickly. Once you learn the ropes of a specific fighter, you’ll find you make for a much more competitive player.

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