10 Fun Yard Games for Adults


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Summer is the season for yard games, whether you play them at the beach, a pool party or a backyard barbeque. However, the game needs to appeal to the right audience. It won’t do any good to bring a kids’ game to a party full of adults. Here are ten fun yard games for adults that will add a new layer of entertainment to your outdoor get-togethers.

1. Horseshoes

Old-fashioned horseshoes has somewhat gone out of style in recent years, but we believe it’s still the pinnacle of yard games for adults. The clang of the shoes against the bar, the deep sand pits and the unique scoring system give the game an unmatched aesthetic. It also has just the right amount of danger, as you need to keep your head on a swivel with heavy metal objects flying around.

2. Cornhole

Cornhole is a safer version of horseshoes, for all intents and purposes. The teams and scoring system are the same – depending on where you live – except we use beanbags and wooden boards instead of horseshoes and sand pits. The game has become so popular that some think it’s the next great Olympic sport. Hop on the bandwagon and see what the hype is about!

3. KanJam

KanJam also has a similar structure to horseshoes and cornhole, but most will agree it’s more challenging than both games. Tossing a frisbee with pinpoint accuracy is no easy task – especially when adults and alcohol are involved – but that’s what makes the game so addictive. Once you start playing, no one will want to stop until they make a perfect throw through the can’s narrow slot.

4. Spikeball

Spike ball is perhaps the most physically demanding yard game for adults. It requires quick changes of direction, stellar hand-eye coordination and constant communication between teammates. A little bit of liquid courage should improve your performance and level the playing field. Don’t have too many drinks though, because spikeball games tend to get competitive.

5. Ladder Toss

If you’re looking for more easygoing yard games for adults, ladder toss is a great choice. The object of the game is simple: toss the “bolas” on the ladder rungs to gain points. Ladder toss sets come in many sizes as well, so you can choose to play a mini-game or a supersized game depending on your yard’s size and the number of players.

6. Stump

Stump is a tried-and-true yard game for adults that even the most inebriated guests can follow. Everyone gets a nail and gathers around a stump. Each player takes their turn flipping a hammer and attempting to hit an opponent’s nail into the stump. If they succeed, the opponent drinks. If they fail, they have to drink. Some places have more complex house rules, but we think the game is most fun in its simplest form.

7. Beer Die

Beer die – also called “snappa” in some places – is a fantastic drinking game for any outdoor occasion. Some even prefer it over classic beer pong because it requires more skill than luck and is more entertaining for spectators. The games might take longer and have more rules, but each throw of the dice is high-stakes and captivates everyone around the table. 

8. Supersized Beer Pong

Why play regular-sized beer pong when you can play supersized beer pong? The rules stay the same, but players use trash cans and basketballs instead of solo cups and ping pong balls. This style of beer pong is a welcome change of pace from the many cramped table pong games you’ve played in people’s basements over the years.

9. Giant Chess

Sticking with the oversized theme, a giant chess set makes a great yard game for adults. Giant checkers and Connect-Four sets are also available, but we decided to go with a more sophisticated game. Chess is complex enough to challenge all players, but simple enough for beginners to learn the rules in an afternoon.

10. Four-Way Volleyball

Volleyball and four-square are fun yard games on their own, but why not combine them and play four-way volleyball? This game ups the ante and gets more players involved, making for an intense competition that more leisurely games can’t match. It’s not the most well-known game on this list, but that may change in the coming years.

Try a New Adult Yard Game

Every adult friend group has a go-to outdoor game when they get together for drinks. Give one of these yard games a shot and check out Modded’s other guide to outdoor party games so you always have something fun to do this summer!

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