4 Fun Ways to Mod a Water Gun

adult water gun fight

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The origins of the water gun go back to the late 19th century. John Walter Wolff filed a patent for a toy gun that used pressure from a bulb or ball to squirt water. Nowadays, these toys are a staple for summertime fun.

However, did you know they can be modded? Water gun mods can elevate your gadget to the next level. Here are four fun ones to try.

1. Using the K-Mod

The K-mod is one of the most popular water gun mods enthusiasts use. This modification will increase the range of your squirt gun to reach anybody you’re trying to douse with water. The primary benefit is that it’s simple and only requires a few steps.

First, you need to disassemble your water gun. You may need a screwdriver, so find one that will fit the screws on your weapon. Remember what part goes where if it’s your first time because you’ll want to know that when reassembling. Locate the pressure chamber, which should be in the middle area of your water gun, and remove the bulb.

The bulb determines the water pressure when you fill the gun with water. Wrap as many rubber bands as you think you’ll need around the bulb. This makes it easier for your weapon to reach its maximum pressure level. You’ll likely notice an increase in range and the amount of squirt time for the water.

2. Making a Smaller Nozzle

Sometimes, a water gun’s nozzle is too wide for your preference. A large nozzle can squirt a lot of water, but you may have a tiny target you’re trying to reach. In this case, modifying the nozzle to make it smaller may be an ideal modification for you. One way to do it is to fill the hole using putty as a sealant.

Fill the nozzle with putty and then use a drill to create a hole in your desired size. Start small to see how you like the water output, then drill a larger hole if needed. This modification is ideal if you have a target you’re trying to hit but don’t want to overpower it.

For example, suppose you want to shoot water at a dog or a small child. In that case, a smaller nozzle similar to a squirt gun will be more suitable than a larger, more powerful one. The nozzle directs the water and unleashes it through a concentrated stream. A tight nozzle will let out a thin flow of water and won’t overpower the object at which you’re shooting water.

3. Modifying the Electrical Parts

Another way to increase the power is to modify your water gun’s electrical parts if it runs on a motor. You’ll want to use this mod to show off your powerful water weapons at summer parties.

First, use a screwdriver to open your water gun. Remove the stock batteries and install new ones, connecting them. They will act as one more powerful battery than two individual ones and attach them to the gun’s wires. You could use solder to permanently make the battery stick to the water gun, covering any exposed wires to prevent short-circuiting.

This modification will make your water gun squirt at a higher voltage. Shoot water in short spurts if the batteries make the toy more powerful than the motor can handle. There are some risks, but this is a fun water gun mod to increase power creatively.  

4. Expanding the Water Capacity

When you’re having fun at the pool with your water gun, you don’t want to keep refilling it over and over. One way to solve this problem is to use backpack modifications. Some water guns can’t use this mod, so check online before you start it. For example, you can’t mod a pressurized reservoir water gun with a backpack.

First, you’ll need an inflatable water container, such as a water bag. You could use a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe or plastic bucket. The possibilities of this mod are vast. For this example, use a water bag and fill it with water.

Now you need something to connect it to the water gun, so use a coupler from barbs and strong tape, for example. Take your coupling device and attach it to the water weapon, using clamps if needed. You can connect the bag to the existing reservoir or remove it entirely and directly attach your water bag as your primary source.

Fun Water Gun Mods for Your Party

Summer parties are some of the most fun you’ll have, whether you’re an adult, child or anywhere in between. These fun, hot days call for ways to cool down. Jumping in the pool is an excellent way to beat the heat, and using water guns adds another layer to the fun. If you want to upgrade your squirt gun, use these four fun water gun mods to impress your friends with your craftsmanship.

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