Ear Piercings for Men: 5 Styles and Tips

A young man with an ear piercing

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Are ear piercings for men in style now? Yes! Guys can definitely get ear piercings. There are even a wide variety of different types of piercings and styles you can pick from. If you’re thinking about getting your ears pierced, this guide will help you figure out what you want and answer some common questions guys have about ear piercings. 

5 Cool Ear Piercings for Men

When most guys picture ear piercings, the first thing they usually think of is the basic piercing in each earlobe. There are actually many different types of ear piercings, though. Here are the top five for guys to consider. 

1. Basic Double Ear Lobe

Easily one of the most popular ear piercings for men is the classic double lobe with one basic piercing in each ear lobe. This is many people’s first type of ear piercing. It’s simple, easy to care for and relatively painless to get. There are plenty of ways guys can style this type of piercing, such as a plain black or diamond stud in each ear. 

2. Simple Single Ear Lobe

An even simpler alternative to the double lobe piercing is the single lobe with only one ear pierced. This used to be the most common type of piercing for guys, but you’re not limited to it anymore. Still, it’s a popular and edgy look. You can style it in lots of different ways, too, and create a cool, asymmetrical look by adding other piercings in the opposite ear, such as a helix or auricle. 

3. Single or Double Helix

A helix piercing is located at the top back edge of your ear. If you want a more unique, edgy alternative to lobe piercings, go for a single or double helix. Note, though, that “single” and “double” are slightly different here. Most people get a helix in both ears. A single helix is one ring in each ear while a double helix is two rings in each ear. 

Guys can look great with either a single or double helix. This is a super easy piercing to style since it’s usually just simple metal rings, although you can change it up with different colors like black or gold. 

4. Small Gauge

Gauges can be a hit or miss – some guys love them while others hate them. This unique type of piercing works by stretching your earlobe. It creates a larger hole than a piercing, although there are a range of sizes. A lot of people imagine large, heavily stretched earlobes when they think of gauges, but they don’t always look like this. 

A smaller gauge, like something in the 5 to 11 mm range, can actually look really stylish. It’s also very easy to get a masculine look with gauges. However, you are more likely to have issues with professionalism in some work environments with gauges compared to regular piercings. 

5. Targus or Auricle

Two less common but equally cool types of ear piercings for men are the targus and auricle. The targus is the little corner of skin sticking out at the lower part of the front of your ear. An auricle piercing goes in the back edge of your ear slightly lower than a helix piercing. 

If you want something a little more unique, go for one of these – targus piercing for something in the front of your ear or auricle for something in the back. 

How to Choose Studs and Earrings

When you get your ears pierced, you’ll have to choose your first earrings or studs at the same time. The safest materials to go with are surgical stainless steel, 14k or 18k gold, titanium, and platinum. As for shape and style, you can pick almost anything. Only certain types of piercings have limitations. For instance, your first helix earring will usually just be a simple ring. 

A lot of the most popular styles for guys are studs and simple rings. Both are stylish, yet masculine. If you want something super easy to wear, go with plain black studs or gold rings. Diamond studs are also a great way to elevate your look. 

Men’s Ear Piercings FAQs

If you’re getting your ears pierced for the first time, it’s normal to have some questions. There are a few questions and concerns guys often have before they get their ears pierced. 

Can Guys Get Ear Piercings?

A lot of guys are under the impression that they can’t get their ears pierced because of their gender. This is not true! Plenty of guys have ear piercings, including some very famous, masculine celebrities. Ear piercings are not just for women and there’s all kinds of ways you can work piercings into your style as a man. 

Piercings are a lot like glasses – both men and women wear them, they just tend to wear different styles. There is some overlap, of course, but if you’re worried about piercings looking too feminine for you, rest assured there are plenty of styles designed specifically for men. 

How Do You Clean Ear Piercings?

For a little while after getting your ears pierced, you’ll need to clean them everyday to make sure they don’t get infected. You might need to do this for only a couple months or it could take up to a year for your piercings to fully heal depending on the type of piercing you get. Lobe and helix piercings heal the fastest and are the easiest to care for. 

When cleaning your piercings, there are a few best practices to stick to. Always use a clean material like an unused tissue or piece of gauze. Dap them, don’t rub. Clean them with warm water and an antibacterial soap. 

Always ask your piercing specialist what cleaning agent and process they recommend since they can give you tips specific to your piercing. Also make sure the piercer you’re going to is a professional who’s using safe, clean tools. The Association of Professional Piercers is a great resource for finding the best piercers in your area. 

Should Guys Pierce One Ear or Both?

In the past, a lot of men who wanted ear piercings only got one ear pierced. This used to be considered the more “masculine” way to wear ear piercings. However, today that’s not really the case. Guys can not only get both ears pierced, but also get a variety of different types of piercings in different spots on their ears. 

Are Piercings for Men Unprofessional? 

One concern a lot of guys have when it comes to piercings is professionalism. There’s a stereotype that piercings are unprofessional and make it harder to get a job. This is rarely true today. 

Depending on the industry you work in, certain earring styles may be more appropriate for work than others. For instance, working in customer service you may want to go with something minimal and non-distracting like a plain black stud. On the other hand, if you work in a more casual industry, like design, you have more freedom to wear more colorful or unique studs or earrings. 

If you are concerned about professionalism or sticky situations like job interviews, you can just take your earrings or studs out. Most people won’t notice the tiny holes in your ears. 

Ear Piercings for Guys Made Simple

Yes, guys can definitely rock ear piercings. Over the past ten years, piercings for men have become a lot more popular. There’s all kinds of cool ways to integrate some earrings or studs into your style. Just make sure you choose a trustworthy piercer and stick to a good cleaning routine to make sure your piercing heals properly. 

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