15 Camping Gadgets to Add to Your Post-Holiday Shopping List 

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The holidays are almost here, and that means the best comes immediately afterward — when you hit the sales to shop for yourself. What camping gadgets are on your wishlist that didn’t show up under the tree? Now’s your chance to stock up. 

Of course, some of the other adventurers on your list might also like these camping gadgets. There’s something for everyone — add these items to your post (or pre) holiday shopping list. 

1. HANERDUN Cooler Backpack

Carrying a backpack and a cooler can get cumbersome. This model lets you combine the two in one device, making less to move. You can cart this model on your back like a pack or in your hand, suitcase-style, whatever fits your needs the best. 

You’ll also ensure you have plenty of hydration and snacks when you reach your campsite and a place to rest your laurels while you enjoy them. The chair feature supports up to 330 pounds, making this model sturdy enough to support husky outdoor adventurers. 

2. Wise Owl Camping Hammock

Even when you have a tent, sleeping close to the cold ground can leave you shivering by morning. Instead, why not skip the poles and hammock camp in this extra-large model that cradles your body like a sleeping bag while suspending you far above slithery snakes and creepy crawly insects? 

Go for the double version to pair up with your sweetie. Two is always better than one for sasquatch-viewing. 

3. Pankay Camping Toilet With Privacy Tent

Learning how to dig a cat hole is a must for any camper. However, squatting on the bare ground leaves you open and vulnerable, where any passing hiker or hunter can see you and your bare cheeks. 

Instead, opt for this model, complete with a privacy tent. You can pack your poop out with you, using enzymes to destroy odor or simply use the enclosure to keep out prying eyes while you go. 

4. Takki Portable Generator Power Bank With Lantern

You need a tent light. That takes power, which means you also need a portable source. An all-in-one device gives you both with less to carry. 

This power station fuels up to seven devices at once, including laptops, phones, tablets, cameras and fans. The lamp has multiple light settings and lasts up to 120 hours while in power-saving mode. 

5. Unniweei Solar Portable Camp Shower

Maybe your motto is “camp hair, don’t care.” That’s cool, but what if you want to stop for refreshments on your way home from the campsite? You don’t want the other diners in whatever restaurant you choose to lose their appetites from the B.O. 

Instead, rinse off before you ride home with this solar portable camp shower. Let it heat up while you get dirty on the trail, then wash your important parts with castile soap before returning to civilization. It’s hardly a spa bath experience, but it will refresh you. 

6. Odoland Rechargeable Camp Fans

Tents might allow more airflow than your average home, but they can still get mighty stuffy. Plus, you might be a member of the “I can’t sleep without a fan” club. 

Maintain solid airflow with this 2-pack of rechargeable fans. You can even use them to create a breeze in your camper. 

7. Coleman Portable Propane Camp Stove

Cooking over an open fire takes finesse — and there’s a good chance you’ll end up with burnt fingers and hotdogs in the pit. Instead, keep it tidy with this 2-burner propane camp stove. 

This little device is light and straps to the outside of your pack. It might even lighten the load inside it, as you can pack lightweight dehydrated meals to reheat. 

8. Gukkicco Camp Sleep Pad

The soil of most campsites is stony, and sleeping the wrong way can result in considerable pain. This ultralight sleeping pad puts a protective layer between you and the cold ground, helping you avoid sharp rocks. 

Although inflatable, it won’t go flat like your typical air mattress. The egg-shaped pockets hold air in one place even if a small hole arises elsewhere, and the included repair kit gets you patched in no time. 

9. Lorbro Grill Caddy

You’re a serious camper. You and the crew create wagon circles around rows of campfires nearly every weekend when the weather permits and you need a way to keep everyone fed and happy. 

Enter the Lorbro grill caddy. This clever device has everything you need for a gourmet barbecue in the wild, including room for multiple condiments and an attached paper towel holder. You also get spaces for all the tools you need to master the barbecue, like tongs and handy side pockets for spice bottles. 

10. HUZSV Shovel and Ax Survival Set

Your number one duty as a responsible camper is to put out your fire. This camping gadget lets you do so in style, with a shovel and ax to douse the blaze and bury any remaining embers safely beneath the earth. 

What sets this kit apart is the extra tools you get. There’s also a multitool, knife, various screw tips and a compass with multiple handles to give you the perfect grip. It all comes wrapped in a convenient box for easy transport. 

11. WELL-STRONG Waterproof First Aid Kit

Every camper needs a first aid kit. More than a camping gadget, the right equipment can make a considerable difference when waiting for professional rescuers to arrive. 

This 234-piece waterproof kit has ample bandages to handle any cuts and scrapes acquired in the wild. At only four inches by three inches, this pack straps to your back frame while adding only negligible weight. 

12. Mardingtop 75L Molle Internal Frame Hiking Pack

If you’re a serious hiker, you need a back frame to match. This 75-liter Molle-style internal frame fits the bill. The spacious design lets you include plenty of cold-weather gear in your bag — or extra cooking necessities for warm-weather hikes. 

Molle design lets you add storage to the outside with ease. Opt for the included bladder to stay hydrated without carrying a thermos. 

13. Magical Flames Cosmic Flames Color Packets

There’s campfire – and then there’s cosmic fire. These color packs transform your flames into a party. Red and gold interlace with blues, teals, purples and pinks to delight the kids and the young at heart in your party. 

14. ETSG XL Camping Cot

Some people consider cots camping gadgets, while others classify them as necessities. Either way, this extra-large camping cot makes catching your Zzz’s much more pleasant by getting you off the ground and out of the damp. 

Plus, this model adjusts like a chaise lounge. Want to catch a tan or read a book while the rest of the family goes fishing? You have the perfect place. 

15. Garmin Montana 700i Handheld GPS

This ultimate camping gadget keeps you safe in the wild. Yes, there are places where cell phone reception doesn’t yet reach, often in the western states but along parts of the Appalachian trail as well. 

Spraining an ankle in such situations can spell disaster if you can’t reach rescuers. This device creates the perfect map while letting you communicate with rescuers via 2-way satellite messaging, so you can guide them to you and advise them of your condition. 

Cool Camping Gadgets 

Post-holiday sales are the perfect time for stocking up on your favorite camping gadgets. These fun tools will enhance your love of the outdoors while keeping you safer and more comfortable in the wild. 

Consider these cool camping gadgets to delight yourself or someone you love. You deserve a little treat to look forward to for breaking your cabin fever in style once spring arrives. 

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