10 Dating Apps for Introverts (Updated for 2024)


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People meet hundreds of potential partners each year on dating apps, but that isn’t always a good thing. If you’re more introverted, posting sexy pictures and describing what makes you stand out from the crowd might make you sweat. Don’t give up on your dating life yet — not when there are dating apps for introverts that take the pressure off.

1. Birdy

Compatible With: iOS and Android

Dating apps make it acceptable to judge someone entirely on their appearance. It’s how you swipe right or left on every app except Birdy. Birdy users take an introductory assessment quiz to determine their Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The in-depth psychological questions reveal your type and match you with potential Birdy users that have similar or identical results.

You also get built-in icebreakers with Birdy. When you want to reach out to a potential match, you can bring up the assessment quiz to discuss topics you already know you have in common. When you decide you like someone and they like you back, your accounts will reveal your pictures to each other.

2. FetchaDate

Compatible With: iOS and Android

If you can’t get through a first date without gushing about your dog, FetchaDate could be your new favorite dating app. It’s for introverted dog parents who want partners with the same love for pups. The creators felt inspired by the 33% of millennials and 16% of Gen-Zers who own dogs and form their whole lives around them.

After creating your profile and finding someone who interests you, the app exchanges your pet’s photos for an instant icebreaker. If you want to meet in person, you’ll already know your date will likely love bringing your pups along to a dog-friendly restaurant for a low-key meal.

3. So Syncd

Compatible With: iOS and Android

Introverted people often want to skip the awkward small talk. It might make you feel more nervous because you’re waiting for the topics your partner will actually care about, but you won’t have to worry about that with So Syncd.

This app gives you a Myers-Briggs test when you make a profile. After receiving your results, the app will pair you with similarly-minded people and give you a percentage toward your change to hit it off with each one. No matter who you want to date or what you look for in a partner, So Syncd instantly leads to deeper conversations and more authentic connections.

4. Happn

Compatible With: iOS and Android

When did you last walk past a cutie in a coffee shop and panic before you could introduce yourself? Happn is here to fix that. It matches your profile to other Happn users who pass by your phone. Whether you see another Happn user in a restaurant, on the sidewalk or the train, you’ll get a notification that they could be your special somebody.

Although it’s a location-based app, Happn will never reveal your current location to anyone on the app. It also saves the profiles you passed by. You won’t have to worry about pausing your backpacking adventures to check your phone every five minutes and connect with someone while they’re still nearby.

5. The League

Compatible With: iOS and Android

You’ve worked your entire life to have an incredible career. Spending time on surface-level dating apps and chatting with people who don’t share your drive can feel like a waste of time.

Try using The League and see how that changes. It connects working professionals who put their careers first. Let the app know where you work to filter your colleagues out, then check your results between 5 and 6:00 p.m. on weekdays. Sip your happy hour beverage and try the speed-dating feature or attend a curated event to meet other users in person.

6. Yubo

Compatible With: iOS and Android

Dating apps that only let you match with people in your area aren’t useful long-term. If you feel like you’ve matched with everyone in your area and still haven’t found a partner who helps you break out of your shell, try Yubo. The international app connects people with groups of friends so the pressure isn’t solely on you to keep a conversation going. Just pay attention to the age filter, as this app is popular among adults and teens for its friendship potential.

7. Lex

Compatible With: iOS and Android

Introverts often feel more comfortable on Lex because it’s a judgment-free zone. You only have to upload one picture before it connects you with unlimited potential matches. Designed specifically for the LGBTQ+ community, you can even find posts regarding events in your area. Use the calendar to test your social skills when you feel ready to chat more with your potential partner.

There’s even a missed connections feature, which lists the Lex users you passed by in real life and may want to approach through the app. Every feature is free to use. There are no premium membership fees or paywalls.

8. Tinder Uni

Compatible With: iOS and Android

Being an introverted college student is tough. You can attend many on-campus events, but the thought of going alone could be too intimidating. That’s when Tinder Uni comes in handy. After verifying your student email address, it connects users with other people who go to their school. Find someone and suggest an upcoming campus event for an immediate first date without any pressure.

9. S’more

Compatible With: iOS and Android

The creative minds behind S’more wanted to do away with first-impression judgment calls. Once you create a profile and talk a bit about yourself, it’ll match you with other users. All of their images will have a blurring filter over them. Once you match based on your profile descriptions and keep the conversation going, the pictures will slowly lose their blurriness.

10. Feeld

Compatible With: iOS and Android

Introverted people who are part of the 45% of non-monogamous Americans don’t have to feel left out of the dating scene. Feeld is the perfect place to start your next poly relationship. It includes people with all backgrounds and sexualities, plus group chat features that make it easy to form multi-ended connections. You can even hide your profile until you know you like someone.

Try Dating Apps for Introverts

No matter who you are or what you want in your love life, there’s an app for you. Consider your interests and priorities before trying a few. The best dating apps for introverts will make you comfortable from the beginning. You can always switch apps to find one that better fits your personality. 

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