Thinking About Getting a Pool Table? Consider These 4 Points First

Two people playing pool.

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Playing 8 Ball Pool on your iPhone is fun, but it’s hard to beat a real game on a pool table. Getting a pool table is an excellent investment if you want to play the game in your house. 

Investing in one can be pricey, so there are some considerations you’ll want to make beforehand. This article will tell you what to know before buying a setup for your house. Here’s what to consider.

1. Measuring the Room

The first step in your pool table dreams is to decide what room you’ll put it in. The ideal locations in your home would be in a game room, the basement, the garage or outside. These tables can get large, so refrain from putting one in your bedroom, living room or another area with a lot of foot traffic.

Once you decide on the room, get out the measuring tape and determine if your table will fit in the space provided. The table will likely be around 8 feet by 4 feet for about 32 square feet. Typical home tables are 8 feet long, but regulation-sized setups go to 9 feet. Snooker tables are 12 feet long and 6 feet wide. Account for the pool table’s size and the room — having the end of your stick poking the wall can mess up your shot and paint job.

2. Determining the Budget 

Next, you’ll need to determine the budget before getting a pool table. The price range for pool tables is vast, with some as low as $500, but other setups can easily exceed $10,000. It all depends on how seriously you take the game of pool and how much you’re willing to spend. Some types of tables on the market include:

  • Basic table: A basic pool table will likely be on the lower end of your budget. Manufacturers make these tables from medium-density fiberboards, plastic or other synthetic materials. They’re ideal if you’re planning a party on a budget and want multiple tables around the house. Depending on the brand, you can find a basic table for as low as $500 and up to $1,000.
  • Hardwood table: The next step up is a hardwood table. The hardwood foundation gives these tables better durability than the basic table, though they will run a bit higher in cost. A hardwood table is a mid-range option, so expect $2,000 on the lower end and $3,500 on the higher end.
  • Heirloom table: If you’re looking for the best quality possible, you’ll enjoy an heirloom table the most. These tables spare no expense, with a price range of $4,000 up to $15,000. They’re no slouches because many people use them as family heirlooms, something you can pass down through generations. Heirloom tables consist of top-of-the-line features like mahogany, pearlized rails and other semi-precious gems.

3. Maintaining the Table

Another element you’ll need to consider is maintenance. You won’t tend to it daily like a pet or a houseplant. Still, attention is necessary to extend the life of your table and ensure it’s in good condition. Regular cleaning will be critical if you plan to have the table outside because of rain and other weather events.

Pool tables can quickly get dirty. A casual night with friends can mess up the felt if someone spills a drink. If a spill happens, use vinegar and water on the fabric to avoid a permanent stain. Even a clean felt will need replacing — regular users should change it once every two years, but occasional players may only need to do so once every five years.

Besides the playing area, you should also be mindful of other elements. For example, once in a while, it’s essential to clean the billiard balls with warm water, mild soap and a washrag for scrubbing. You’ll also need to wipe down the wood and the leather pockets to ensure longevity. After all, a clean pool table is necessary if you want to impress your date or avoid your mother-in-law’s criticism.

4. Buying Accessories

Accessories can be the most fun part of getting a pool table. It’s your table, so use your imagination and add personal touches to make it yours. Displaying various knickknacks and accessories shows you mean business. These accompaniments may include:

  • Wall rack
  • Table cover
  • Table brush
  • Pool gloves
  • Chalk cubes

Getting a Pool Table for Sinking Solids and Stripes

When thinking about party games, which ones come to mind? For decades, pool has been popular in basements, bars and everywhere in between since it’s an easy game to learn for people of any age. Getting a pool table for your house will bring years of enjoyment for any occasion. Use this list to see what you need to know before buying.

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