Why Every Driver Should Have a Dash Cam in Their Car

POV of a dash cam

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Until recently, dash cams were pretty much exclusive to law enforcement vehicles, but they’ve become so much more affordable even the average car owner can easily afford to install one in their car. In an ideal world, every car on the road would have a dash cam. Why should every driver install a dash cam on their car?

Evidence in Car Accidents

Let’s face it — car accidents suck. Without a dash cam, though, when you’re filing a police report, it’s often your word against the word of the other driver. If you’re lucky, you might have some witnesses who can corroborate your story, but in general, you’re relying on the police officer who responds to the accident to determine who is at fault.

With a dash cam, there is no “he said, she said” — the dash cam provides digital documentation to show the responding officer when you make a report.

The video recording can also be useful for parking accidents when you’re not in your vehicle. If the dash cam is still enabled when you’re away from your car or truck, it can capture footage of the vehicle that crashed into you. This evidence becomes much more important when you’re making an insurance claim, because it proves someone struck your car.

Preventing Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud has existed nearly as long as insurance has — it’s been traced as far back as ancient Greece. People seeking to get easy money from car insurance companies will cause car accidents, usually forcing you to rear-end them by driving dangerously.

With a dash cam installed on your car, you can prove to your insurance company the accident wasn’t your fault — even if you rear-ended the other car — because the other driver’s dangerous driving behaviors will be captured on video.

Catching Amazing Things on Video

Dash cams aren’t just for evidence of car accidents — they can catch amazing things you might otherwise be unable to document while you’re driving. A dash cam in a parked car recorded footage of the enormous Chelyabinsk meteor that exploded through the sky over Russia in 2013. It’s the kind of thing that happens so fast you’d never have time to pull out your camera or cell phone to take a picture before it disappeared forever.

Become a Better Driver

Athletes and other professionals watch videos of themselves to see where they make mistakes and learn how to improve. A dash cam can help you do the same thing for your driving. By reviewing the footage, you can see where you make mistakes behind the wheel and figure out the best way to improve your driving skills.

Video can also be a useful tool for teaching teenagers to drive — and keeping up with their driving skills and techniques while they’re driving. It can give you better peace of mind if you’re worried about your new driver spending time out on the road.

Documenting Your Trip

People might choose to fly to get to their destinations faster, but there’s still nothing quite like a road trip across the country. You can document bits and pieces of your trip with a cell phone or camera, or you can document your entire trip and all the amazing things you’ve seen with your dash cam! Once you get home, you can edit your dash cam footage into a fantastic clip show to showcase your trip along the highways of America.

Stay Protected

While having a dash cam installed doesn’t lower your car insurance yet, it can be a great way to protect yourself from insurance fraud and car accidents while you’re on the road. Hopefully, you’ll never need your dash cam, but if you capture anything amazing in your travels, be sure to share it with us!

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