How to Iron a Shirt Fast


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As a guy who cares about style and self presentation, you likely want your clothing to reflect the effort you put into it. Whether you’re used to a casual, effortless style that involves t-shirts and jeans or you’re a bit more upscale with your dress, learning how to iron a shirt — specifically, how to iron a shirt fast — is a great skill for everyone to know, whether you’re a teen headed to a school dance or an adult off to a job interview. Even if you’ve ironed a shirt before, learning to do it quickly can be a real virtue.

There are a few different methods for how to iron a shirt, and plenty of people will be quick to tell you tips and tricks on how to do it the right way. While each person has their own preferences, the best thing you can do is start with the basics and get your rhythm down, then figure out what you like and go from there. So, here’s how to iron a shirt fast.

First, Check the Care Tag

Before you do anything, check the care tag instructions and ensure there isn’t any crucial information you’re missing. Specifically, see if a shirt has specific materials or blends that need dry cleaning. Or the tag says you can’t steam it. If everything is okay to continue, you can move on as planned.

Make Sure It’s Clean

The next step you should keep in mind before you break out the iron or steamer is ensuring the shirt is in the proper shape for ironing. Ensure you’ve washed the shirt, removed any stains or spots and thoroughly dried it. There’s no use in ironing a dirty shirt, so save yourself some time and effort by double-checking everything.

If You Don’t Have an Iron

If you don’t have an iron, you aren’t out of luck quite yet. While ironing with an actual iron or a steam iron is superior in most circumstances, you can still get the creases and kinks out of your fabric without it in a pinch. Whether you’re at a hotel on the go or someone else in your household is busy with the iron, you can rely on the age-old hack of hanging a shirt in the bathroom while you shower in order to steam out the creases and wrinkles. Simply hang the shirt and let the steam do its work!

If You Do Have an Iron

If you do have an iron, you don’t have to worry about using tricks and hacks. However, if you’ve never ironed — or ironed in a hurry — before, things might feel a bit overwhelming. You might not know where to begin, or how to do it stylishly. If you’re nervous, there’s no need to fear — it doesn’t take long to get the hang of things. Here are a few steps on how to quickly iron a shirt in a pinch.

1. Pop the Collar

One of the first things you should do when ironing a shirt is to pop the collar so you can iron it along the line of the rest of the shirt. Usually, this comes with ironing the top and back of the shirt. 

2. Go Side to Side

By “side to side” we’re really talking about doing one side at a time. Specifically, laying each side of the front of the shirt out flat on the ironing board so the top faces the pointed edge, then working your way down with the iron on both sides. 

3. Careful On the Sleeves

Most people choose to iron each sleeve separately, after you get the aforementioned side out of the way. It may be tempting to stack them on top of each other and finish quicker. But it actually makes more sense not to create the extra folds that would be necessary to do this. Also, make sure you don’t iron the cuffs and create extra wrinkles you don’t need.

4. Back It Up

Once you get to the back, you might need to adjust from the bottom and the top half. This part is a bit self-explanatory. Simply iron the back with the bottom of the shirt facing the wider half of the ironing board, and move it down as necessary.

Ironing a Shirt Fast

Ironing a shirt might seem like a big, sophisticated thing, but it’s actually easy once you get in the groove and get the hang of it. Who knows — one day you might find yourself to be one of the men who can iron a shirt in under a minute!