5 Realities of Flying in a Private Jet You Weren’t Aware Of

Private jet flying through the sky

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Flying in a private jet puts you in the lap of luxury. How does it compare to your average commercial airliner? It’s hard to grasp until you’ve experienced it yourself. 

Here’s a glimpse into private jets with five realities you weren’t aware of.

1. Relaxed Atmosphere

Imagine you’re preparing for a flight to another continent. Experts say you should get to the airport about three hours before your international flight because of the security checkpoints — and prepare to wait in long lines. 

The mood is much different when boarding a private jet. You don’t need to go through security scanners, so you can stroll in about half an hour before takeoff and be on time. But remember, while the arrival-time rules may vary, you’ll still need a passport. You may see somebody sport a fancy passport wallet to show off their style. 

2. Fast Speeds

Private jets are smaller than a commercial airliner, meaning they take off faster and don’t face as much drag. Flying in a private jet makes you feel like you’re inside a rocket ship. For instance, the Bombardier Global 8000 reaches a top speed of 721 miles per hour.

3. Less Cabin Pressure

Your standard airplane must have cabin pressurization to provide passengers with oxygen. High elevation means the air gets much thinner, risking hypoxia if you don’t get enough oxygen. The increased pressurization in a commercial plane can cause the oxygen in your blood to decrease between 5% and 20%, causing headaches and dehydration.

Flying in a private jet offers a better experience because these planes are pressurized at around 6,600 feet. Conversely, commercial jets are pressurized at 8,000 feet. The lower altitude is more comfortable because you have more oxygen and feel better once you get off the private jet.

Contrails in the sky

4. Customized Service

Commercial planes have busy flight attendants catering to each passenger’s needs. While private jets also have flight attendants, these professionals can focus solely on you and your guests. The individualized attention fosters a personalized experience. Request expensive spirits like Tears of Llorona, and they’ll be ready for your trip. 

5. Exclusive Arrivals

You can’t fly Delta or Southwest if you want to visit Antarctica. A boat ride from Ushuaia, Argentina, may take two days as you traverse the cold waters. The quickest option here is flying in a private jet because it only requires a few hours to reach Antarctica. Other scenic locations include Necker Island of the British Virgin Islands and the Tiwi Islands of Australia.

Flying in a Private Jet for a Unique Experience

You may have seen a Ferrari or Porsche on the road, but how close have you been to a private jet? These small aircraft are famous for their luxurious, relaxed and personalized experiences. Charter a flight to see why some people only fly private. 

Private jet on a runway

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