20 of the Best Hobbies for Guys


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you looking to add some new excitement to your life? You could head to the pub
after work again, but let’s face it — hangovers lose their charm after a while.
Plus, they wreck your chances of developing six-pack abs.

you’re a guy seeking a new hobby, check out the 20 ideas below. You may find
your latest and best obsession!

Hobbies for Getting in Shape

you forget about your new year’s resolution to get in shape? If you genuinely
want to get ripped, who said you have to wait until January 1 to get started?
Do it now with these hobbies:

  • Running
    or walking
    : If you need to drop a few extra
    , running and walking can get the job done quickly. You’ll
    need to improve your diet, too, but these cardiovascular activities blast a
    significant number of calories. That means you can still enjoy a once-a-week
  • Biking: Biking is both an ideal
    fitness activity and an eco-friendly mode of transportation. If you don’t want
    to don bike shorts for each workout, remember that you can ride your bike to
    the store when you need a few groceries, too.
  • Weight training: Many guys adore weight
    training to sculpt those biceps so that they can show off their guns on date
  • Crossfit: If you’re looking to make
    a substantial lifestyle change, check out Crossfit. This program combines physical fitness with dietary changes and a thriving support
    community to help you reach your goals.
  • Yoga: If you have chronic pain,
    yoga can help significantly. Even if you feel healthy, flexibility training
    protects your joints, especially as you age.

Hobbies for the Outdoorsman

you live to go outside every opportunity that you get? If you could give
Grizzly Adams a run for his money, try these hobbies:

  • Hunting: If
    you’re a carnivore, that meat on your table didn’t grow on a tree. Why not
    elevate your paleo diet to an authentic caveman experience by bringing home the
    to your
    table — using modern weapons, of course?
  • Shooting: Maybe you adore
    marksmanship but you’re not interested in bagging Bambi’s mom. Well, Andy, get
    your gun and head to the rifle range!
  • Archery: This ancient weapon
    requires significant skill. Once you master one type of bow, you can move on to the
    other model.
  • Hiking: Getting out into nature
    boosts your mood, and hiking improves your cardiovascular fitness.
  • Camping: Sometimes, this
    continually connected world gets overwhelming. You can leave your devices at
    home and head to the forest.

Hobbies for the Refined Gent

you can’t get enough of the finer things in life, consider one of these

  • Golf: Before
    you hit the links, make sure to
    learn the rules
    of this time-honored sport.
  • Billiards: Go beyond the dive bar
    pool table and learn how to play
    different variations
    of this game.
  • Scotch: If you enjoy a nip now and
    then, why not learn about the fascinating history of this liquid gold and
    impress your friends with your knowledge?
  • Baccarat: Do you frequent the casino
    scene? If you’re a high roller, you can head to the elite baccarat room.
  • Cigars: You don’t even have
    to inhale

    if you’re concerned about your lung capacity. You can puff on a stogie to enjoy
    the flavor.

Hobbies for Hanging With the Guys

you just want to kick back with the fellas. Try these activities to keep
yourself from overindulging too much in beer and peanuts:

  • Bowling: You can
    join a league if you’re looking to expand your social circle.
  • Darts: This lets you indulge in friendly competition at the pub instead of
    merely downing brewskis and burgers.
  • Fantasy sports: Build the ultimate
    baseball or football team and see how you stack up against your buddies.
  • Video games: Sometimes it’s too
    miserable outside to head down to the corner bar to meet up, but you can
    connect in the virtual world. Who said getting together with the guys had to
    mean putting on pants?
  • Geocaching: Geocaching allows you to hunt for real-life hidden treasure using GPS equipment. You’ll
    get out in the fresh air and sunshine while you exchange goods of equal or
    greater value to keep the game going.

Feeling Bored? Adopt a New Guy Hobby Today

you’re feeling bored, only you can change that dynamic. Try on one of these
hobbies for size today!