5 Home Improvement Projects to Start Planning for Spring

Man with a hammer working on home improvement project.

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Spring will be here before you know it, and the warmer weather will bring prime opportunities to get renovations and house projects done. However, there are a surprising number of things you can do over the winter to update your home. Don’t wait until spring comes to get started on your next house project. Here are five steps you can take to get a jump on spring home improvement projects. 

1. Declutter Before Spring

One of the simplest ways to update your home is to clean it. This has the additional benefit of clearing space so you have room to work on upcoming renovations. If you declutter over the winter, you can divert any “spring cleaning” energy you have later into remodeling projects. 

Your garage, basement, closets, and kitchen and bathroom drawers are key spaces to declutter. You can work through your house methodically room by room or organize and declutter by category. 

With all the extra space you create, you might have room to install a home gym. You could also consider renting out clear space in your home to help cover mortgage payments. Winter is also a good time to sell unwanted items or sort objects for a summer yard sale. 

2. Get Ahead With Maintenance

Winter is also the perfect time to take care of some routine maintenance. You can check to ensure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working and install new filters in your HVAC, fridge and dishwasher. 

You should also check to ensure your garage is in good working order. You can have it professionally serviced or lubricate the track and check the springs yourself. Small indoor fixes like patching nail holes and checking grout are also perfect winter projects. 

Another valuable maintenance project is to more effectively winterize your home. Look for cold drafts around windows and doors, and use weatherstripping to minimize air leaks. You should also ensure your attic is properly insulated. Your home will be warmer, and you’ll also save on your energy bill. 

3. Capitalize on Warm Weather

There are surprisingly warm days every winter when working on outdoor projects is possible. Take advantage of these to get some preliminary yardwork done and check over your home’s exterior. 

Cleaning your gutters, raking leaves leftover from the fall and looking for roof damage are all essential maintenance tasks you can get cleared away before the weather warms up. You can also clear fallen twigs and debris from your lawn so mowing will be easier later in the year. 

Warm winter days are a good time to consider layout and logistics if you want to change your landscape or grow a garden. Sorting and updating tools in your shed or garage will also prepare you for upcoming warm-weather projects. 

Man working on a deck.

4. Plan for Summer Projects

Once you’ve done everything you can to update your home during cold weather, you can start planning your summer projects. Remodeling takes a lot of active construction time, but house projects also require a significant amount of planning. 

You can take any measurements you need and experiment with drawing layouts long before renovating. Winter is also a good time to order any materials you’ll need later in the year, provided you have somewhere dry to store them. 

Working through the dreaming and planning stages can give you a head start on spring projects, such as a rooftop deck, so you’re ready to go as soon as the weather warms up. You’ll also have time to consider different options and do as much research as you need to before beginning.

5. Create a Project Timeline

Home improvement projects are notorious for taking much longer to complete than homeowners initially think. Once you’ve finished doing routine maintenance and started thinking about new projects, you can create a calendar laying out your home improvement goals for the year. 

Working backward ensures you complete any preliminary steps like securing permits in plenty of time. Creating a timeline will also help you be more realistic about how many projects you can achieve during the warm months. 

Your timeline can serve as a roadmap to keep you motivated and help you remember your goals for spring home improvement during the year. You can even use it as a tracker to record the progress you’re making on your projects. 

Get a Head Start

Starting your home improvement projects during winter allows you to complete more home improvement projects this year than ever before. Your house’s value will go up that much faster, and your energy bill will go down as you fix and seal leaks.

Starting early is an advantage regardless of your home improvement goals for spring. Follow these five steps to get your house organized and ready for remodeling before the snow even starts to melt.

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