6 Fun Ways to Get Closer to Your Partner

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Spending time with your significant other is often one of the highlights of your day. Whether you’re eating dinner, watching your favorite movie or playing a game, bonding time is essential for relationships.

Learning more about your partner and what you both enjoy can put a smile on your faces and create unforgettable memories for a lifetime. Try these six fun ways of getting closer to your partner.

1. Show Interest in Their Hobbies

A significant part of a relationship is showing your partner you care about them. Demonstrate you cherish them and their interests, whether it’s a movie series, a game, a hobby or something else. If you find something they like that interests you, make it known and ask them to teach you more about it.

For example, if they like hiking or anything outdoors, ask if the two of you can plan a weekend at a trail or camping at a park. Showing genuine curiosity about what they enjoy can excite your partner and go a long way with them. They’ll likely reciprocate, leading to extraordinary experiences for your relationship.

2. Compare Your Zodiac Signs

Many people value astrology and what it means for their partner. In some cultures, people center their lives around astrology because they believe the stars and planets affect your life. One way to get closer to your partner is to share your astrology signs and talk about your big three — sun, moon and rising signs.

When getting closer to your partner, you could plan activities based on your zodiac, such as baking pizzas specific to your sign or a zodiac scavenger hunt. If your partner studies astrology, showing interest in their signs and their meanings can go a long way in bonding with them.

3. Learn Something New

One way to bond with your partner and add new energy to the relationship is to learn something new together. One or both of you may have some experience or you could take on an entirely new task. You can take dance lessons, learn how to play instruments, attend a painting class or more. Taking a foreign language class together would be a fantastic way to bond.

For couples, it may be apt to learn a romance language, such as Spanish, French, Portuguese or Italian. If you stay with it long enough, you could have conversations at home or in public. Imagine being able to converse with each other at a family gathering, but nobody else knows what you’re saying. Learning something new with your partner is an excellent experience to share.

4. Have a Weeknight Date Night

Sometimes the weekly routine can get boring and you need to find a way to shake it up. A date always helps when getting closer to your partner, so plan a night out during the week to help improve your moods. You can even play dress-up and make reservations at a fine-dining establishment.

Getting out of the house and surrounding yourself with an upbeat atmosphere can be just what you need to break up the monotony and have fun during the week. Go for drinks at a local bar or watch a new movie at the cinema.

5. Cook Dinner Together

Going out for dinner is fun, but cooking at home can be just as — if not more — intimate for you and your partner. If your schedules are closely aligned enough, schedule a night during the week or the weekend when you cook dinner together. Some people prefer to cook alone, so communicate with your partner to see their preferences.

You could take one night a week to try out a new recipe neither of you has tried yet. If you’re learning a new language together, incorporate meals from other cultures to test your language skills and dive into flavorful dishes. Cuisine from Latin America, Africa, Asia and worldwide can add spice to your plates and your relationship. Play music and jam out while cooking to set a positive mood.

6. Make Playlists

Music is a beautiful way to get to know somebody and for you to share the love. People express themselves through music and use it to get through tough times. Whether you just started dating or you’ve been together for years, making each other a playlist can be an intimate experience for you and your partner to share.

If you feel like you know them well enough, make them a playlist for different occasions. Couples in a long-distance relationship especially may find it worthwhile. Show your partner new music you think they’d like or make a playlist of songs meaningful for both of you. Maybe you danced to the song at your wedding or sang along to it on the radio during your first date. Whatever the occasion, playlists are a thoughtful way to show your partner you care.

Getting Closer to Your Partner

The time you spend with your partner is precious. To keep the flame lit in your relationship, allocate weekly time to bond. It could be as simple as eating dinner for half an hour and talking about your days or doing something spontaneous like a date night. Try these six fun ways of getting closer to your partner.

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