7 Early Fall Date Ideas for New Couples

happy couple on a date

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Leaves are changing colors and the nights are getting shorter. The cooler weather offers a perfect opportunity to try out some fun fall date ideas.

Some even call autumn the cuffing season because there are many opportunities to go on dates when the weather gets cooler. Here are seven fun seasonal date ideas for new couples.

1. Carve Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a symbol of the fall season. People have associated them with Halloween because of an Irish myth about Stingy Jack. Today, you’ll see pumpkins everywhere during October, and carving them can be a special bonding time.

If you and your partner like to make art, get creative with pumpkins and create faces or decorate them to look like your favorite fictional characters.

2. Watch a Scary Movie

Scary movies are great any time of year, but they feel even more memorable in October. The spooky season calls for classics like “Halloween,” “Scream,” “Halloweentown” and cult classics like “Hocus Pocus.”

The film industry is frequently doing remakes, sequels and prequels, such as “Hocus Pocus 2,” so curl up with these movies and share some laughs and maybe some screams at the scary parts.

3. Go to a Local Concert

Early fall is an excellent time to go to a concert. You could see anyone from a local band to a world-renowned pop star if they’re touring in the area. The best way to see who’s coming to town is to check the schedules of venues in your city.

Subscribing to their digital calendars is a great way to stay up to date with events all year. Going to a concert with your partner is a way to have fun, let loose, and share an experience seeing your favorite artists or finding new bands you like.

4. Tailgate at a Football Game

When you think of fall and sports, American football is likely the first to come to mind. It’s the most popular sport in the United States, so odds are one of you enjoys the sport. Even if you’re not a gridiron fan, there are plenty of opportunities to have fun at a tailgate.

Tailgating is one of the best experiences for a football fan, especially at the college level. Being outside in the cool air and surrounding yourself with fellow fans gives good vibes. Plus, the food looks, smells and tastes fantastic. You’ll find people barbecuing, grilling hamburgers and drinking beer. Plus, don’t forget the classic games like cornhole played on tailgate terraces nationwide.

5. Hike in a Forest

Fall brings cooler temperatures and beautiful scenery across the country. If you and your partner enjoy the outdoors, go on a hike at a local trail or find a state or national park near you.

There are 63 national parks in the U.S., offering many miles of hiking trails with breathtaking views of America’s natural beauty. Some national parks even allow dogs in certain areas. Hiking is an ideal date for couples just getting to know each other because there’s plenty of time to talk and form a bond.

6. Rent a Cabin or Camp Out

Staying in a cabin or camping in the woods would be a terrific date for outdoors enthusiasts who want to stay with nature for a few days. The cool fall air and early sunsets make for intimate nights by a campfire making s’mores. You can bring gadgets and watch movies or leave your devices at home and soak in the beauty of nature around you. The one-on-one time is a unique opportunity to bond and genuinely get to know each other.

One benefit of camping is that you can do it in your house or backyard. These ideas may be beneficial if there are no campsites or parks nearby. You can set up a tent inside, create a dinner menu and play campfire games. Camping at home makes a date easier because you don’t have to worry about traveling, setting up a campsite or any other hassle.

7. Have Fun at the Fair

Imagine the smell of funnel cake and the bright neon lights of a carnival. Do you feel nostalgic yet? Fall is an opportune time to take your date to the county or state fair. The roller coasters and Ferris wheel are fun times to share, and you can impress your date by winning a stuffed animal at a game. Plus, most fairs showcase petting zoos, livestock shows and business vendors.

Early Fall Dates for New Couples

The beginning of a relationship can be an exciting time for a couple. You’re fascinated with your partner and want to spend time with them and have experiences together. Autumn is a great time to go on dates because of the cooler weather and events that happen throughout the season. Try one of these early fall date ideas and get to know each other better.

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