The Most Flattering Beard Styles for Round Faces

Feb 11, 2023

Profile view of man with beard and sunglasses.

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Beards can completely change the appearance of your face and how other people perceive you. If you have a round face, you might be looking for the right facial hair to add some definition and shape. Learn more about the best beard styles for round faces.

How a Beard Can Shape Your Face

Whatever face shape you have, a beard can complement your natural appearance — or hamper it. That’s why it’s important to understand how facial hair influences your look.

Many men have round face types — think Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Black and Elijah Wood. The forehead and jaw are equally wide, meaning the face is about as wide as it is tall. Beards can alter the apparent height and width of your face, changing its proportions and the way people look at you.

For most men with round faces, the goal of a beard is to add length, not width. Adding length gives the face a more balanced, oval shape. Facial hair that emphasizes the jaw creates the impression of a stronger chin and longer face.

5 Best Beard Styles for Round Faces

Check out five beard styles that are perfectly suited for men with rounder faces.

1. Hollywoodian

This Hollywood style is popular among some of the most famous actors in the world for a reason. The Hollywoodian looks like a full beard with a few modifications — it consists of a full beard, a low cheek line to accentuate the jaw, and shaved sideburns.

Hollywoodian beards are also known as extended goatees. They’re great for round faces because they emphasize the chin and jaw to create length, while the shaved sideburns help you avoid adding width to the face.

2. Ducktail

If you want a more sophisticated look, consider the Ducktail beard. Just like a duck’s pointed tail, this beard tapers to a point that defines the chin. It looks a lot like a full beard and can extend downward as long as you want, which provides an angular style to minimize roundness. Keeping the sides trimmed will prevent extra width to ensure a longer look. 

3. Thick Chin Strap

Growing a beard is a great way to visually strengthen your jawline. The chin strap is a beard that runs along your jaw, giving it shape and definition. This style is popular among men with softer features because trimming your facial hair closely creates a sharper appearance.

This beard shape is also easy to maintain. Whether you let it grow thicker or trim it short and neat, a chin strap slims your face and adds length.

4. Garibaldi

Are you looking for a bold style? Try the Garibaldi, also known as the Viking beard. This is a long and thick full-face beard with a rounded bottom. Garibaldi beards are a masculine statement, drawing attention to the length and thickness of your beard to offset roundness. 

5. Goatee

You don’t have to choose a full beard if you’re looking for a flattering look. You can also style your beard into a goatee, a popular choice for round faces. Goatees, a connected mustache and short beard that circles your mouth, focus attention on your chin.

You can grow a pointed goatee that lengthens your face and adds sharper angles to your appearance. For men looking for low-maintenance styles, goatees are also easy to trim.

Beards for Men With Round Faces

Ultimately, the best beard style is anything that makes you feel the most confident and comfortable. Take care of your beard and wear it proudly!

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