5 Best Mixers With Natural Light Vodka

Cocktail with slice of lime.

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Natural Light beer has been a mainstay at parties for decades, especially if you’re in college. But have you tried Natural Light vodka? This liquor brand only has 30% alcohol by volume (ABV), so it’s ideal for those who want to take it easy. You can drink it by itself or add another beverage to it. This article will detail Natty Light and what mixes well in your glass. 

When Did Natural Light Make Vodka?

You may be wondering when Natural Light started to make vodka. After all, they’re more notorious for their beer. In late summer 2021, Natural Light unveiled its lineup of vodka bottles, including flavors like regular lemonade, strawberry lemonade and black cherry lemonade.

Natural Light’s vodka isn’t surprising, considering they released a line of flavored beers in 2019. These Naturdays flavors included strawberry, blueberry and pineapple lemonades. Consumers have shown they enjoy flavored alcoholic beverages, leading to Natural Light Seltzer and others in 2019. The worldwide seltzer for hard seltzer has exploded recently, with a growth from $2.36 billion in 2018 to nearly $40 billion by 2025. 

What Mixes Well With Natural Light Vodka?

Vodka is a popular choice for those making cocktails. The taste is usually neutral, so adding other ingredients for a great drink is easy. Natty Light’s vodka has lemonade flavors, allowing you to create tasty concoctions. Use these five mixers for your next drink. 

1. Sprite

Vodka and Sprite is a classic soda combination. Sprite has a lemon-line flavor that is a terrific complement to the citrus flavors of Natural Light Vodka and its lemonade flavors. Choosing Sprite also allows you to pick various flavors. For example, you can select Sprite Zero Sugar, cranberry Sprite and lemonade Sprite.  

2. Red Bull

The vodka and Red Bull cocktail has become prominent in recent decades. The mixed drink is a favorite among vodka enthusiasts, especially if you were at bars in the early 2000s. Some credit Benjamin Reed for creating the cocktail, which he says he did accidentally. The original recipe for the vodka Red Bull contains lemonade, which is perfect for Natural Light Vodka. Use the regular lemonade flavor to create a drink that imitates the original vodka Red Bull of 1999. 

3. Tomato Juice

Vodka and tomato juice. Can you see where this drink is going? Having vodka is an excellent excuse to make a bloody mary. The cocktail is over a hundred years old. It contains vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire and tabasco sauces, celery salt and black pepper. You may recognize it from movies like “Red Eye.” Try a bloody mary with Natural Light vodka and see what you think.  

4. Cranberry Juice

Another classic you’ll see at bars worldwide is the vodka and cranberry juice cocktail. You may know it as a cape codder. Its origins go back to 1945, around the end of World War II. Ocean Spray, based in Massachusetts, debuted the cape codder to get people to drink more cranberry juice. After all, people have consumed it for decades to help with urinary issues, liver problems and upset stomachs. 

Cranberry juice would be an excellent mixer with Natural Light vodka because it’s already low in sugar. Adding a flavored vodka wouldn’t overpower the drink with sweetness. Cranberry lemonade is already a popular summer drink, so this cocktail will mix very well. 

5. Carbonated Water

For any liquor, carbonated water is an excellent choice as a mixer. With this option, you have numerous options. You could go for tonic water, giving you the carbonation without altering the flavor of your vodka. Club soda is a popular choice because of its minerals. Or you could select sparkling water. Find your favorite sweetened or unsweetened flavor and try it with your Natural Light vodka. Who can say no to a carbonated cocktail with lemonade flavors? 

Natural Light Vodka Mixers

Making cocktails is fun because you become your own mixologist. There’s no limit to the creations you make. Vodka is an excellent choice for cocktails because its neutral flavors allow the complementary beverage to shine with its flavors. Lemonade lovers can rejoice with a bottle of Natural Light Vodka and read this list for five terrific mixers to go with it. 

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