How to Tuck in a Dress Shirt: The 4 Best Ways

Nov 22, 2022

Man in a dress shirt with bowtie.

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Tucking in your shirt is an etiquette necessity for a variety of events and situations. There’s no point to tucking in your shirt if it’s just going to bunch or untuck. 

You may choose to tuck your shirt in for a formal event, business meeting or to keep it out of the way when working. 

If you’re wondering how to tuck in a dress shirt, here are the four best ways.

1. Military Tuck

The is a shirt tuck meant to remain tucked in no matter what you do. Military members often use this method to keep their uniforms neat and secure.

Tuck your shirt into your unzipped pants, spread your legs apart and pinch any excess shirt fabric on both sides towards the back at the same time. This action creates pleats at your hips, which secures the shirt. 

Zip your pants and smooth everything out; top with a belt, and you’re good to go. 

2. Underwear Tuck

This shirt tuck is a great way to keep any dress shirt in place. 

Layer your undershirt under your underwear and place your dress shirt over them. This secure tuck is one that will help your shirt look sleek all day. 

The friction between each layer helps everything stay in place. A belt can add extra security, making sure your look doesn’t budge. 

3. Loose Tuck

A loose tuck is a method of tucking in your shirt that is semi-casual and is great for long dress shirts that have a little too much fabric to create a clean tuck. 

To create this look, tuck your shirt in as smoothly as possible. Then, slowly lift up your arms to release some of the excess fabric until it’s no longer bunched together. 

This style is also a great option for times when you want to be more comfortable during an event, especially if you are wearing a coat over it. 

4. French Tuck

The French Tuck tucks in only the front of your shirt and can be used for situations where you aren’t sure what style an event needs. 

Also known as a half-tuck, this style allows you to look neat without being too formal. Tuck loose fabric into the front of your shirt and transition it to be out in the back. 

With a secure waistband, your shirt should remain tucked in while giving you the option tto untuck if the need arises quickly. 

Tips for Tucking in Your Shirt 

There are a few things you want to remember when tucking in your shirt. 

  • Choose a shirt that has at least a few inches of excess fabric below the waist to work with. 
  • A wrinkled shirt can look messy regardless of how you tuck it in. Iron or steam out wrinkles prior to putting it on. 
  • Shirts normally tucked in are wool, flannel work shirts and sports shirts with buttons.

By starting out right, you will have more success when arranging your shirt in your style of choice. 

Tucking Your Shirt in the Right Way

Tucking in your shirt is an excellent choice for many scenarios and occasions. By choosing one of these tucks, your top can stay stylish and secure for the remainder of your event.

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