The Best Ways to Tuck In a Shirt So It Doesn’t Loosen

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We’ve all been there. You have your shirt nicely tucked into your pants, but when you stand up or start walking, it completely unravels. 

Tucking in your shirt is an easy way to look neat and put together, but the effect gets ruined when the shirt loosens and bunches up or partially comes out of your pants and over your belt. There are many scenarios when you need to keep your shirt tucked-in from weddings to work. Whether its for etiquette or safety, a simple tuck can make you look and feel good.

You want to look sharp without risking an embarrassing situation. Here are the best ways to keep your shirt tucked in, so it stays in place.  

Military-Style Tuck 

As the title suggests, military members often use this tuckary members to get their shirts to stay in place. 

Start with your pants unbuttoned and unzipped,, and tuck in your shirt as usual but don’t zip or button it yet. 

The next step is the key to a military tuck. Spread your legs apart evenly and pinch the excess fabric on both sides towards the back simultaneously. This should create neatly folded pleats at each hip in line with your armpits. 

Once that’s finished, close your pants and smooth out any folds or creases. Add a belt for extra security. 

Underwear Tuck 

This shirt tuck is a great way to get your shirt to stay in place quickly. 

It’s about layering your underwear over an undershirt and then layering your dress shirt on top before finishing with your pants. 

You may feel awkward, but no one will know your undershirt in underneath your boxers or underwear. 

The friction between the layers keeps your shirt in place. Add a belt for some extra security,, and your shirts should stay put all day. 

Things to Remember 

While almost any shirt can be tucked, it’s important to know what features of the shirt itself allow it to stay tucked in. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • You want a shirt that extends at least three inches past your belt line untucked. 
  • No matter how well the shirt stays, a bunched-up or wrinkled shirt can still look messy. Be sure to steam or iron out wrinkles ahead of time and smooth any excess fabric into your pants. 
  • Not every shirt needs to be tucked on but is traditionally or as a way to prevent loose garments when working. Shirts that are normally tucked in include long-sleeved dress shirts, wool and flannel work shirts and sports shirts with buttons.
  •  The occasion can also make a difference, as formal occasions might require you to wear a tucked-in shirt. 

Keeping Your Shirt Secure

If you tuck in your shirt, you want it to stay where it’s at and not loosen throughout your event or work day. By using these methods, you can make sure your shirt stays so you can feel confident in your clothes. 

Avoid the embarrassment that comes from your shirt untucking in public by taking the right steps to eliminate the problem.

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