Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend on Any Budget

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In the last-minute rush to get something for your girlfriend, you might feel dismayed at your tight budget. However, showing up on the big day with nothing at all shows a lack of caring — even homemade gifts embody the idea that the thought counts. What birthday gifts for your girlfriend can you get in a hurry? 

Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to show your love. Think about what your girlfriend loves and values. Does she enjoy a pampering indulgence? Collect jewelry? Is she climbing the corporate ladder or adding to her prepping and survival skills? Whatever her fancy, here are 20 birthday gifts for your girlfriend on any budget. 

Gifts for Girlfriend Under $10

There’s no shame in a tight wallet. You can still present a thoughtful birthday gift to your girlfriend that shows you value her. 

1. LiHome Natural Soy-Scented Candle 

Soy candles burn more cleanly than paraffin without emitting toxins like formaldehyde. LiHome perfectly scents theirs for a fragrance that’s indulgent without overwhelming your girlfriend and giving her a headache. 

$9.98 at Amazon

2. YUNLOVXEE Kitty Personal Desk Fan 

Did your girlfriend’s RTO email trap her in an office that’s either freezing or boiling hot? Give her the gift of this desk fan that will keep her cool when the sun starts beating through the window behind her desk. Soon, her internal temps will be like Baby Bear’s chair — just right. 

$9.98 at Amazon

3. BAIMEI Gua Shua and Jade Facial Roller 

Jade rollers ease muscle tension and relieve mild puffiness. They’re fantastic for those days your girlfriend wakes up late with giant handbags beneath her eyes from a late night. 

$9.99 at Amazon. 

4. Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum

Niacinamide is one of the hottest skincare ingredients on the market, with proven powers to boost hydration, decrease redness and shrink pores. Some creams contain other, problematic ingredients or cost a small fortune. This version rolls in at under $10 and shows you listen when she wishes she could take better care of her skin. 

$6.00 at Amazon

5. Suneerplay Acrylic Jewelry Holder 

If your girlfriend loves to collect jewelry, give her this elegant way to display her treasures. This acrylic jewelry holder sparkles in the sun, and its transparency won’t detract from the glow of your girl’s gemstones. 

$5.85 at Amazon

Girlfriend Gifts Under $25

If you have slightly deeper pockets, here are some birthday gifts for your girlfriend that pamper her or cater to her unique interests. 

6. KIDMI Fuzzy Slippers With Adjustable Buckle

Fuzzy slippers are a must in winter, but closed-toe versions can leave you sweaty come summertime. These sandal-style versions fit the bill. They’re like sliding soft fur over your feet, and the adjustable strap ensures your girlfriend’s comfort. 

$20.99 at Amazon

7. Stanley Classic Legendary Camp Mug 

If your girlfriend loves the great outdoors, get her the perfect gift for sitting around the campfire on chilly evenings. You can’t top the original Stanley classic camp mug, complete with the signature bear logo. Its thick, insulated design comes in several colors to keep her hot cocoa toasty. 

$23.00 at Amazon

8. VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer 

Your girlfriend can’t spend every day around the campfire, as much as she may like to. Eventually, she’ll return to the office, and she’ll need a way to warm her favorite mug there. This handy desk warmer keeps her morning brew toasty even if she gets distracted for hours by a budget report. 

$24.97 at Amazon.

9. Umepaar Winter Faux Fur Bucket Hat 

Although you don’t lose most of your heat through your head if all things are equal, your girlfriend will get chilly if she goes out uncovered. Let her do so in style with this faux fur bucket hat that keeps out the worst of winter’s chill without resulting in hat-head. 

$18.49 at Amazon

10. MignonandMignon Personalized Pet Mom Pendant

Does your girlfriend’s BFF have four legs and fur? If so, show her that she’s the best pet mama in the whole world with this personalized pet mom pendant. You’ll need a picture of her beloved to personalize this thoughtful gift that costs less than $25. 

$24.50 at Amazon

Gifts for Girlfriend Under $50

If you have a bit more money, you can branch into gifts that please you both. Of course, the best birthday gifts for your girlfriend put her first and foremost, but it’s okay if you have fun, too. 

11. JIEFOCH Karaoke Machine

Do you and your girl love to sing along to the radio while you drive? Elevate your next indoor camping party and get the whole gang involved with this karaoke machine. It comes with two wireless microphones and Bluetooth connectivity for an endless array of tunes. 

$49.99 at Amazon

12. Keenstone 2-Slice Retro Toaster 

Maybe your girl longs for nostalgia and wants a kitchen decorated like something from the 1950’s. Indulge her love of the good old days with this Keenstone 2-slice retro toaster. It comes in eight stylish colors to match her other funky appliances. 

$39.99 at Amazon

13. KEOMUD Winter Women’s Crop Vest 

A cropped vest is an excellent alternative top layer when it’s only a little chilly or an added layer of protection over your vital organs on frigid days. This winter women’s crop vest will warm your girlfriend’s heart — literally. 

$29.58 to $36.97 at Amazon. 

14. ECHO Dot

Imagine if cuddling with your girlfriend were as easy as saying, “Alexa, dim the lights.” Now, it can be. Set the tone for a romantic evening instantly and much more with an Echo Dot personal home assistant. 

$49.99 at Amazon

15. The NYT 36 Hours World Coffee Table Book

Do you and your girl dream of traveling the world together one day? If so, begin your voyage by exploring it through this impressive coffee table book that’s chock full of information and stunning photographs. 

$32.99 at Amazon

Girlfriend Gifts Under $100

You scrimped and saved up a nice Benjamin to spend on a birthday gift for your girlfriend. Here are five suggestions for where to put your dollars to work. 

16. EZVALO 3-in-1 Charging Station, Alarm Clock and Speaker

Does your girlfriend struggle in the morning, perhaps wasting valuable minutes while searching for her phone and Apple watch? Keep everything she needs together with this all-in-one charging station, alarm clock and speaker. The tap night light holds a 10-hour charge in case she gets up during the night. 

$69.99 at Amazon

17. Alljoy Heated Foot and Leg Massager 

If your girlfriend works on her feet all day, there is no better gift you can give her than this heated foot and leg massager — other than your services every night, no strings attached. They’ll encase her feet and lower legs in pulsing comfort, helping reduce her risk of varicose veins and swelling. 

$99.99 at Amazon

18. UGG Women’s Ansley Slipper 

Regardless of where she works, few things feel more heavenly than slipping off your heels and putting on a cozy pair of slippers. These UGG versions are fleece-lined for extra softness and comfort and come in 20 fashionable colors. 

$99.95 to $99.99 at Amazon

19. Anne Klein Premium Bangle Watch 

Anne Klein has long been one of the world’s hottest fashion designers. This elegant bangle watch looks perfect on your big date nights out or when she wants to impress the high rollers at the office. 

$95.00 at Amazon. 

20. Michael Kors Crossbody Clutch Purse 

Nearly every woman wants a designer purse. Blame designers for deciding they didn’t need pockets — or thank them, as their oversight gives you the chance to buy your girlfriend this elegant gift. 

$75.80 at Amazon.

Find the Perfect Birthday Gift for Your Girlfriend With Any Budget 

Who said you needed deep pockets to please the one you love? Make the season brighter with these birthday gifts for your girlfriend that are sure to bring a smile to her face. You’ll know she appreciates your thoughtfulness when you feel it in her kiss.

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