Cars 3 – My Short Review

Cars 3

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I saw Cars 3 with the kids this weekend, and here’s my somewhat of a review.

Disclamer: I somehow never saw the first Cars movie until this year, and have seen only parts of the second. So I was watching this without nostalgia glasses.

Some slight spoilers below, but nothing major.

It was an enjoyable movie. I won’t call it great, and it doesn’t stack up against most other Pixar movies. It had a surprisingly non-complex plot, and focused on “Wow he’s so old, can he still race?” for the entire movie, with almost all the jokes revolving around that. They also mostly ignored the existence of Cars 2, from what I could tell. By far the best part was when they tried training at a track that ended up being a demolition derby.

There wasn’t any of that emotional punch that Pixar is known for, at least for me. The short before the movie had it, and was fantastic, but Cars 3 itself was pretty light-hearted throughout. I was expecting it to be a little darker from all the promos where Lightening has this honorific car crash and it says THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. The new cars in it were not all that interesting, either.

My kids loved it, and I’m sure we’ll eventually get it on DVD and watch it over and over.

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