Different Kinds of Masks to Stay Stylish Through the Pandemic

Woman with mask on mouth.

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We all know face masks are critical to keeping yourself and others safe. By now, your collection of reusable cloth masks might be a little worse for wear, especially if you’ve been donning the same five or, god forbid, one the entire pandemic. Consider this a sign to switch them out and try something new. Fresh prints, designs and motifs can elevate any outfit and make a bold fashion statement without sacrificing safety. Here are a few different kinds of masks worthy of consideration. 


For men who frequent the gym, water-repellent face masks are a must. This kind of mask comes in a variety of different colors and styles and most sportswear and athleisure companies have their own version so you can rep your favorite brand while you work out. Break a sweat and look cool doing it in polyester, nylon, bamboo and polypropylene masks that wick away moisture and promote breathability. 


If you’re looking for ethical, sustainable style that’s just as unique as you, strap on an artisan face mask. A quick Google search will turn up plenty of hand-made, quality options. Plus, you can feel good about supporting artists and craftsmen when you purchase these masks from small businesses and self-starters. 


Depending on the shape and girth of your beard, finding a mask to fit your facial hair can be tricky. Luckily, there are a handful of coverings to choose from so even the man with the Gandalf-esque beard can stay safe. Look for extra large pleated varieties, bandana-mask hybrids and ones that tie around your neck so you can effectively contain bristles. 

Neck Gaiters

Men who dress more casually or simply can’t stand straps around their ear will appreciate the comfortability of neck gaiters. These large tubular wraps come in a variety of weights, materials and prints to match practically any outfit. Plus, you can easily slip them on and off and keep them around your neck so can mask up at a moment’s notice. 


Regular old bandanas won’t do much to protect you from the coronavirus, but bandana-style masks will. This kind of face mask makes you look like a cool city cowboy without sacrificing safety. Choose from a variety of prints and colors or indulge your rebellious side with a classic black bandana suitable for any outlaw. 


If you’re rather particular about the fit and feel of your mask, an accessorized one might prove most comfortable. Look for styles wiith an x-frame to keep the interior off your mouth and lips. Ones that contain nose wires will also ensure that your mask fits snugly over the bridge of your nose. Other accessories like removable and adjustable straps are also handy accessories that only add to your stylish ensemble. 

Graphic Prints

Men who appreciate a pop of color can add a dash of intrigue to any outfit with a graphic print mask. Choose from an endless supply of graphic masks to rep your favorite sports team, support a social cause or hypnotize passersby. Whether you’re into stripes, animals, rainbows or even clowns, there’s a graphic print for you. Best of all, you can stock up on your favorites to mix and match with every item in your wardrobe. 


If you’re short on space or have way too many masks already, swap your oldest face coverings for a few reversible ones. This kind of mask works overtime to ensure you always look your best, no matter what you’re wearing. Choose from thousands of designs, patterns and colors to find ones that match your personality. Just remember to wash them before showing off the reverse side to avoid contamination or inhaling pathogens. 


Show off those pearly whites with a transparent face mask. This kind of mask restores visual cues like smiles and lip-reading so you can communicate effectively both in and out of the office. Just prepare to receive a bit of backlash as some people might not realize you’re wearing a mask at first. Otherwise, you might want to don a face shield, which is more obvious — albeit, less stylish. 


Summer might be right around the corner, but chilly nights around the bonfire still call for warmer layers, including quilted masks. This type of mask typically features breathable cotton and a quilted design that much resembles a heavy blanket. Layer a disposable mask underneath for additional protection and warmth on colder evenings. 

Be True to You

When choosing masks, remember to pick ones that are unique to your and your style. Whether you’re into grunge fashion or prefer business casual, there’s a mask to match. Just remember that the most effective — and stylish — kind of mask is the one you wear. So, as long as you purchase ones you like, you really can’t go wrong. 

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