Does Beard Growth Oil Work? Questions, Answers and Alternatives

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If you have a beard now, or you’re thinking about growing one, you’ve probably found yourself wondering: Does beard growth oil work? The short answer is: “It’s complicated.”

To answer the burning question of, “Does beard growth oil work?” we need to turn to the experts. A few folks out there have already done the trial and error to see if any popular or more esoteric oils or compounds have a thickening effect on men’s beards. Let’s look at the claims as well as some advice from bonafide beard and hair health experts.

What Does Beard Growth Oil Do?

First, we need to understand what the claims are. You’ll find no shortage of beard growth oil products on the shelf at your favorite department store. What kinds of lofty claims do these products make? And will they make your beard grow much faster than it ordinarily would?

Let’s get the bad news out of the way:

According to the medical community, there is no scientific evidence to prove that beard growth oil can actually assist your beard in growing faster than it would. All we’re talking about here is anecdotal evidence for some of the wilder marketing claims – like oils that make your beard thicker and healthier after just a couple of applications.

Beard growth oils are definitely not a miracle cure for patchy, thin, brittle, or slow-growing hair. It’s not going to miraculously cause your beard to grow thicker overnight.

This is not to say it isn’t without several appealing benefits, but you need to keep your expectations realistic to have a good experience. The anecdotal evidence we mentioned above has to do with essential oils – the active ingredients within beard growth oil that manufacturers frequently tout as beneficial for the skin and hair.

What Helps Your Beard Stay Healthy?

Some of the most popular essential oils for hair health are:

  • Almond oil.
  • Cinnamon oil.
  • Tea tree oil.
  • Sunflower seed oil.
  • Jojoba oil.
  • Coconut oil.
  • Rosemary oil.
  • Sandalwood oil.

You might even consider using these on their own. Or, you can seek beard oil products that feature these as active ingredients. Here are some of the practical, widely accepted benefits of using essential-oil beard growth products regularly:

  • Moisturizes the skin: Even oily skin needs to be moisturized regularly. Using beard oil to do this will keep the skin beneath the beard healthy and clean and prime it for smooth hair growth.
  • Reduces skin irritation: Beard oils reduce or eliminate the irritation associated with new growth. It’ll keep the follicles soft and prevent them from poking your face and tempting you to shave prematurely.
  • Imbues a pleasing scent: In all honesty, this is a worthwhile benefit on its own. Beards can be traps for aromas, but adding beard oils or essential oils to your morning routine is a bit of a guilty pleasure without the guilt. You’ll be left feeling fresh, confident, and irresistible-smelling.
  • Improves the beard-growing environment: Check the label on your beard oil. It should be chock full of vitamin E and other essentials. This vitamin ensures the skin on your face is as healthy as can be, making it ready to produce healthy hair at the expected rate.
  • Stops split ends and breakage: Your hair just doesn’t look as good if it’s prone to splitting and breaking. And beards definitely won’t grow as quickly if the ends of the hair aren’t thriving. Massage beard oil into your beard to eliminate brittleness and keep the growth going.

How Does Beard Oil Benefit You?

Remember – beard oils don’t really speed up the hair-growth process. However, they might have a positive impact on the skin itself. By making this (your body’s largest organ) healthier, you “prime” the hair-growth process to go as smoothly as it possibly can.

Is beard growth oil as much about the skin underneath as it is about your actual beard hair?

You bet!

Do these benefits add up to a faster-growing beard?


You might get the results you’re looking for, but the anecdotal evidence says you need to choose a natural product made with essential oils. Then, make it a consistent part of your daily routine for the best results. Even the physical act of massaging the product through your beard can positively impact your beard’s softness and how pleasurable it is to touch.

So Does Beard Growth Oil Work?

Does beard growth oil work? The answer is: “Yes – sort of.” It does what it’s designed to do. Men with beards only wind up disappointed in their beard oil product if they have unrealistic expectations when they buy it.

Caleb Sanders, speaking for Maple Holistics, says, “certain natural products such as jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and clove oil all have particularly good benefits for your hair health and quality [but] do not have an immediate effect on promoting hair growth.”

Beard Booze’s Randy Hernandez echoes that sentiment: “If you expect beard oil to help you magically grow a beard, you’ll be insanely disappointed with the results. But yes, beard oil does work. It works in the manner in which it was designed.”

That’s good enough for us! It won’t work any miracles, but it’ll get your beard and face as primed as they can be for steady, healthy growth.
If you really want a leg up while growing out your beard, think about making other lifestyle changes before loading up on potentially expensive oils and ointments. Most health experts say getting a consistent amount of exercise, eating healthful foods full of protein and vitamins, and bathing regularly all have a bigger impact on your beard than whatever products you apply to it. If you’re really at your wit’s end with beard growth, have a physician appraise your testosterone and DHT levels. These prime the follicle and support the hair’s growth process.

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