Does She Like Me? 3 Ways To Find Out

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Women are notoriously hard to read. If you’re looking for tips about whether a girl likes you, you may have come across some conflicting advice. For instance, one website may tell you that girls will meet your eyes when they like you. Your brother’s girlfriend may say the exact opposite – she was always too nervous to make prolonged eye contact with someone she liked.

Unfortunately, there’s no fail-proof way to tell if a girl likes you. This is because every girl is different. Some women flirt just for fun, while others only show interest if they’re serious. Some women come across as flirty but are only trying to be friendly. Here are three ways you can find out if a girl really likes you. 

  1. Give a Little

Relationships can be very intimidating for women. Some girls won’t want to be vulnerable and make their feelings obvious unless they think you already like them. In this case, the best way to discover whether a girl likes you is to put effort into your relationship and then see how she responds. 

For example, you could try texting her about an event you both attended. See how quickly she responds and whether she prolongs the conversation. Then, transition the text to ask if she wants to join you for a group activity. If she keeps reciprocating, you can eventually ask her out on a one-on-one date. 

Some girls will just text you because they’re bored and the attention feels good. However, they’ll usually draw the line when it comes to hanging out because they’ll realize the relationship is going too far. If a woman really likes you, she’ll go above and beyond to hang out with you in person. 

  1. Assess Her Actions

Another way to tell if a girl likes you is by watching how she acts when she’s around you. Women who are interesting in a guy typically act one of two ways – either they’re extremely relaxed and flirty or they’re incredibly withdrawn because you make them nervous. If a girl is acting flirty but she’s at work, she’s probably just being polite. 

You can assess whether a girl likes you by comparing how she treats you with how she treats other people. If she’s super friendly to other men but shuts down when she talks to you, it might mean she likes you. If you’re hanging out in a group and she only asks you deep questions, she probably likes you. 

The main thing to watch for is how aware she is of you. If she’s interested in you, she’ll keep track of where you are and be tuned in to your voice. She may visibly brighten when you talk to her or laugh at everything you say. Girls also tend to touch guys they like more often than guys they’re just friends with. 

  1. Just Ask Her

Although these signs can help, there’s only one fool-proof way to really find out – ask her! Don’t let the fear of rejection keep you from being honest about how you feel. Even if she responds in the negative, women admire men who talk about their emotions and are confident enough to be straightforward. 

You don’t have to ask a girl straight out if she likes you, although that can save you weeks of stressing over text messages and conversations. Instead, you could ask her on a date or initiate a conversation with her about where she sees her life going in the future. The more obvious you get, the more obvious it will be if she likes you. 

If a girl hedges when you ask if she likes you, try asking her out. She might be waiting for confirmation that you like her back or just be too shy to verbalize how she feels yet. If she’s avoiding the question because she’s afraid of hurting your feelings, she’ll turn down the date and you’ll know she doesn’t really like you.

How Are You Acting? 

It can also be helpful to consider your situation from the girl’s point of view. Based on your actions, is it obvious to her how you feel? If you could be more clear, that’s a good place to start. Women always respond with more clarity to a guy who’s intentional, even if they don’t like him. 

It’s important to take this advice with a grain of salt. Remember that everyone is different and thus handles romantic attraction differently. It can help to show her you’re interested and watch how she treats you. However, the best way to find out if a girl likes you is just to ask her.

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