Easy Halloween Costumes for You and Your Partner

Sep 05, 2022


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Halloween offers a great opportunity for people to flex their creative muscles and come up with costumes that are witty, scary or just plain funny. Just because you grow up doesn’t mean you need to stop dressing up for Halloween, and you get something better: dressing up with your significant other. These are some easy Halloween costumes you can pull together, even last minute, to enjoy the holiday to its fullest with your partner.

1. Soap and Loofah

You and your partner can be a visual reminder to everyone in a costume that they must take off their makeup and body paint at the end of the night. These easy Halloween costumes can be made with things you likely already have in your home. One of you just needs to get a white shirt. Then, you can write “SOAP” on it in paint. You can decorate it as you see fit. You might even attach bubble wrap to the shirt to serve as soap bubbles.

The other partner will have to wear something reminiscent of a loofah. Dresses or shirts with lots of frills are a great way to communicate the object. If it seems too difficult to acquire something fitting, you can also choose to opt for a bathrobe or a washcloth. Think of what you can create within your means that will go with soap, and you and your partner will be the most innovative couple of the night.

2. Team Rocket

Most people grew up watching Pokemon, and those who didn’t still know the infamous Team Rocket. Jessie and James, alongside their partner in crime, Meowth. Try as they might, Team Rocket’s plans always get foiled by the show’s protagonist. They’re so popular that many people want games dedicated to joining the evil organization. These costumes are sure to pack a nostalgia kick.

Making your Jessie and James costumes are as easy as layering black tanktops under white shirts. Jessie wears a white skirt, while James wears white pants. All you need to do is paint a red R on the shirts, then accessorize and make a few cosmetic enhancements, like putting slits in the front of the shirts. Whether you don wigs or use your natural hair, everyone should recognize you as the dynamic Team Rocket duo from childhood.

3. Pumpkin Heads

If you or your partner is on the shier side, these easy Halloween costumes will work out great for you because you can hide most of your face. Everyone’s familiar with the traditional bedsheet ghosts, but dressing up as jack-o-lanterns can add a new twist to a traditional costume. You only need a couple of plastic pumpkins from a home goods store. Cut a hole in the bottom that’s large enough for your head, then mark your eyeholes.

After you’ve cut out small holes so you can see, draw the rest of the jack-o-lantern’s face. This part is especially fun, as you and your partner can get creative with your pumpkins’ expressions. Afterward, you can put together any fall-themed outfit you think would go with your pumpkin costume. People will love the effort you put into your costumes, and they’ll never know just how easy it was.

4. Mario and Princess Peach

These costumes may take some planning, but everyone will recognize you. The Mario series spans over 200 games, making it one of the most popular series and him one of the most popular video game characters of all time. Plus, having your partner dress as Princess Peach means that they can be treated like the royalty they are.

You don’t need wigs to pull off these easy Halloween costumes, but they can enhance any look you go for. Princess Peach requires a pink dress, which can be found easily online or in stores. If you don’t want to go with either of those options, the dress is simple enough that you and your partner can sew one yourselves. Mario is much simpler — just get some denim overalls and a red shirt. Don’t forget to acquire a fake mustache and his signature red cap.

5. Netflix and Chill

A play on the funny phrase that trended a few years ago, becoming “Netflix and Chill” is as easy as getting in some comfortable pajamas. You and your partner can have matching red sweatshirts and black pants, the signature colors of the streaming platform that’s perfect for an at-home date night. On one sweatshirt, make sure to paint the Netflix logo. Alternatively, you could print the logo and attach it with tape so you can remove it later. As for the “Chill” half, you might consider carrying a prop bag of ice or ice cube trays with you for Halloween night.

Easy Halloween Costumes Can Be Creative

You don’t have to be an artsy person to create costumes that everyone will love. Easy Halloween costumes don’t have to look bad. Even if they’re last-minute, you can make sure that these partner costumes will look great enough to wow at parties. Americans spend a collective $10 billion each year on candy alone for this holiday, so at the very least, you can cut back by simplifying your costumes and getting a chuckle all the same.

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