9 Easy Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas


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Dressing up for Halloween is always fun whether you have parties to attend or are handing out candy. Costumes are pricey, but you can create a great costume in no time. Here are nine easy homemade Halloween costumes. 

1. Farmer

Show your support to the men and women who grow your food by taking on this easy homemade costume idea. 

To create a farmer costume, first look for some overalls. You can search online or in thrift stores if you don’t already have a pair. While overalls are a standard part of a farmer’s costume, you can go without them. 

Another costume staple is a plaid shirt. It can go under your overalls or you can wear it without them. 

Next, you’ll want a hat of some kind. The most common hat for this costume is a wide-brimmed hat, but any summer hat will help you be identifiable. Bonus points if you can find a straw hat or one with a farm-related organization or phrase. 

You wouldn’t go out in the fields in sandals, so wear work boots or tennis shoes. 

You can carry a pitchfork, some produce or a stuffed animal for your finishing touch. 

2. Mr. Rogers

For years, Mr. Fred Rogers graced television screens with his life lessons and encouraging words. His legacy lives on through various recent movies and documentaries that show newer generations his impact on the world. 

Dressing up as your favorite neighbor is simple with just a few clothing items. 

First, you’ll need a button-down shirt and tie. Once you’ve gathered those, you’ll need a v-neck sweater, preferably a button-up or zip-up. The most recognizable Mr. Roger’s get-up is a white button-down, dark tie and red zip-up sweater. 

Add some tennis shoes, and your look is complete. Bonus points if you get your hands on a replica of one of his famous puppets. 

3. Clark Kent/Superman

This fun and easy costume capture the DC Comics superhero’s spirit without spending money on an elaborate costume. 

Just take a t-shirt with the Superman logo (purchased or homemade), Layer a white button-down over it, get some black-brimmed glasses, and you’ll look like Clark Kent, ready to jump into action. 

Unbutton your shirt part-way to show the other t-shirt or save the reveal for when you arrive at a costume party. 

4. Mr. Clean

These types of homemade Halloween costumes are especially easy for men who embrace their baldness. 

Simply wear white pants and a white shirt. Use make-up or face paint to color your eyebrows white for full effect. 

If you’re not naturally bald, consider purchasing a bald cap to capture the mascot’s appearance. 

5. Maverick

Tom Cruise’s character is back in the spotlight after the success of the new Top Gun movie. If you want to capture the spirit of Maverick, it shouldn’t take you much time. 

You’ll need to get a bomber jacket or a pair of coveralls. Then, simply add different patches to it to get Maverick’s style. 

Add a cool pair or sunglasses, and you’re all set.

6. Marty McFly

Are you dreaming of 1985? Go back to the future with an easy Marty McFly costume. 

The main thing you may have to borrow or purchase is a red puffer vest. Add some blue jeans, a denim jacket and a blue and white button-down to complete the look. 

Bonus points if you have a skateboard to use as the movie’s “hoverboard.”

7. Price is Right Contestant 

This super easy costume is sure to be a hit. 

Simply cut a Price is Right-style name tag out of yellow felt or construction paper. Laminate it if you want, and use a black marker to write your name on it. 

Attach the nametag on your shirt, and you’ll look like you just saw Drew Carey. 

Bonus points if you make some fake Plinko chips to carry with you. 

8. Captain Kirk

James Tiberius Kirk is a pop culture icon, but you don’t have to buy an expensive Star Trek costume to capture his likeness. 

Grab a solid yellow long-sleeved sweater or shirt. If it isn’t a v-neck, consider cutting it to match the captain better. Layer a black shirt underneath it and add the Starfleet Command symbol to complete the top portion of your costume. 

Add some black pants, and you’ll be ready to live long and prosper. 

9. James Bond

This one is for the guys that bought a tuxedo for that one event but haven’t had an excuse to wear it since. 

Put on your tuxedo with a white button-down underneath. Add a cool watch and black bowtie, and you’ll be all set. 

If you’re not driving, consider adding a Vesper martini to your costume. 

Making a Homemade Halloween Costume

Making homemade Halloween costumes can be easy and fun. By using things you already have to pay tribute to a profession or character, you’re sure to impress your friends and family.

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