How to Flirt Over Text: 5 Smart Tips

Man smiling at phone.

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Dating in 2023 is far different from 1923. Nowadays, many use smartphones regularly to communicate with partners or desired companions. We can’t be around our significant others all day, so phone calls and texts are a fun way to keep in touch. You can use texts to woo your sweetheart if you just met somebody. Read this guide on how to flirt over text to get five smart tips.  

1. Find Their Love Language 

The first tip on how to flirt over text is to find your partner’s love language. When you talk to them, discover what makes them tick and what words make them swoon. Deciphering how they react and respond to your comments is more complicated when you’re behind a phone screen, so it’s difficult to gauge unless you know them. 

Do they like compliments? Would giving them reassurance once in a while help their mood? While they’re not a direct way to flirt, love languages are essential for communicating with your partner. Finding the right one can make a huge difference when winning over your partner. 

2. Ask Questions 

The next piece of advice is another indirect flirting method that works. Ask your partner questions about their life. People love to talk about themselves. Why is that? It’s not exactly sure, but it seems like we get gratification and neurological stimulation when people positively ask questions about us.

Start by asking them about their favorite media like TV shows, movies or books. You can almost guarantee their face will light up when they see the text. It doesn’t take much for fans of “Star Wars,” “The Office” or “Harry Potter” to get going. These questions are worthwhile because they increase the chances for movie date nights soon. 

3. Play It Cool

When texting someone you like, it’s easy to get overzealous. If your partner has openly expressed interest in you, it’s hard to focus on work, school and other stuff you have going on because you have a mile-wide smile on your face. But it’s essential to maintain your composure and play it cool.

The last thing you want to do is to go overboard and drive them away. When learning how to flirt over text, avoiding clinginess is critical. Try not to send multiple text messages in a row unless an emergency is happening. Feel out your partner and try to mimic their texting style when talking. Also, try not to overthink what you’re saying. Be yourself as much as possible. Find opportunities to flirt but don’t force anything. 

4. Use Correct Grammar

Another subtle way to flirt is by using correct spelling and grammar. It’s a minor detail, but your crush will appreciate readability and accurate spelling when reading your texts. In contrast, sending sloppy messages that are difficult to read may appear like you don’t care enough to proofread your own sentences. 

You don’t need to have an English teacher’s level of accuracy. Still, you can use the autocorrect function to improve your spelling mishaps. Hopefully, your partner gives some leniency on words like “entrepreneur” or “acknowledgment.”   

5. Find Compliments

One of the most direct ways to flirt is to give compliments directly. If your partner likes compliments, find some to sprinkle throughout the day. These words can come in numerous different ways. An easy one is to compliment their appearance. Tell them how good they look if they send you a picture or Snapchat message. Who doesn’t like getting compliments about their eyes? 

Sometimes you can make their day by finding compliments they didn’t have to ask for. For example, say you just got a promotion at work. You could tell your partner about it and ensure they know they’re the first person you gave the news to. They’ll feel important and prioritized in your life. Or you could say you can’t stop thinking about the date you had the other night. These subtle but flirty texts go a long way.  

How to Flirt Over Text: Be Subtle

Flirting is a form of art. The receiver thinks it’s a painting from a Kindergarten student or Pablo Picasso himself. The best way to flirt with your significant other is to feel them out and see what they like best. Use these five smart tips to flirt successfully and with subtlety. 

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