How to Make the Perfect Scotch and Soda

Glass of scotch and soda.

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Scotch and soda is a simple but timeless cocktail you can easily make at bars or parties. 

While it’s true that making the drink isn’t rocket science, carelessly preparing a scotch and soda can take away from the flavor experience it’s capable of providing. 

Here is how to make the perfect scotch and soda. 

Start with the Glass

It’s hard to perfect this drink if it’s in a too-large glass with too much ice diluting it. 

For a scotch and soda, you’ll want to make it in a highball or other cocktail glass. You want a glass of this size because filling it with ice chills the drink and creates a nice aesthetic without getting it too watery as you mingle.

Add Your Ice

Your ice can affect the taste of any cocktail. You want ice made from water with a neutral flavor and frozen in a clean freezer. Bagged ice or ice made with strong-tasting water can interfere with the flavors that come from the drink itself. 

Cubed ice takes longer to melt than smaller, thinner options, but it’s important not to overfill the glass with it. You could also experiment with making craft ice for your cocktails to give them a special touch. 

Choose Your Scotch

Different types of scotch have different tastes and feel. To make the perfect drink, incorporate your preferred version of the spirit. 

There are two main types of scotch: single-mat and blended. 

Single-malt scotch is made in one distillery from start to finish and uses 100% malted barley.

 Meanwhile, blended scotch is a mixture of single malt with grain whiskey. It matures faster and is usually cheaper to purchase. 

Blended scotch has a more complex flavor thanks to the grain whiskey addition. However, many experts prefer the flavor of single malt. 

Scotch has a malt flavor but can also have a smoky, fruity or vanilla taste depending on how it’s made. 

You can experiment with different-tasting whiskeys to determine your favorite. 

Pick Your Soda

The next step is to choose what soda you want to pair with your whiskey of choice to complete the cocktail. 

Club soda is the most commonly used soda since it adds carbonation while allowing the patron to enjoy the flavor of the scotch. 

Flavored sodas can add a unique and flavorful twist to this drink, so don’t be afraid to try something new. An example of this is lemon-lime soda, which can take the place of a lemon garnish while complementing the malt. 

Put it Together

Once you choose your ingredients, it’s time to put it all together. After filling your glass with ice, you can get creative with your soda and scotch proportions. 

Some people choose to add equal parts of scotch and sods into the glass while others like to add just enough soda for a splash of carbonation. 

Add more scotch for a stronger flavor and more soda for a tamer experience. The drink is often garnished with a lemon wedge. 

Creating Your Perfect Scotch and Soda 

There’s a reason scotch and soda remains a popular drink choice. It’s a simple drink with a great flavor. 

By evaluating each ingredient, you can make your perfect scotch and soda.

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