Hygiene Tips for Men That Will Level Up Your Appearance

Feb 26, 2023

Man washing his face next to a mirror.

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People love when you have good hygiene. Being able to take care of yourself and keep yourself well-groomed is a sign of maturity and responsibility, not to mention it can open doors in both your personal and professional life. Plus, nobody wants to hang out with someone who doesn’t care for themselves on a fundamental level. Follow these hygiene tips for men if you want to make a good impression on everyone in your life. You may open new doors for opportunities you never thought possible.

1. Shower Regularly

As an adult, you should be showering regularly. You should know by now how to keep yourself clean, and showers are one way to ensure you don’t stink and have the best hygiene possible. It’s one of the most important hygiene tips for men you could ever follow, as it’s also one of the easiest. Make sure to wash thoroughly in the shower, even if there are areas of your body you don’t think need regular washing.

When you don’t shower, oil and bacteria build up on your skin and can lead to nasty skin infections you’ll have to deal with. Showering regularly, even if it’s every other day, can help you keep your skin clean and free from any ailments. Plus, using a gentle soap can help you smell nice, which is always beneficial when interacting with people you don’t know well.

2. Keep Your Hair Neat

Wild, untamed hair is no way to keep your hair. If you have long hair and can’t keep it under control, consider trimming it shorter. The shorter your hair, the less maintenance it needs. Make sure to get regular haircuts to take care of any split ends, and always keep your beard trimmed and tidy.

Taking care of your beard is essential, as it’s one of the first things people will notice about you. Before you brush your beard, put oil on it. That way, the brush’s bristles will distribute the oil evenly throughout your hair, making it less prone to breakage and ensuring that it’s softer. A tidy beard shows people that you care about every inch of your personal hygiene.

3. Clean Your Ears

The best time to clean your ears is right after you get out of the shower, so try to add this simple step to your shower routine. A warm, wet washcloth can be the perfect tool to remove earwax from your ears. Don’t hurt yourself in your attempt to clean your ears. Like all things on your face, be gentle with your ears, so you don’t damage your eardrums.

4. Take Care of Your Teeth

Everyone deserves to have a winning smile that charms everyone. To have those pearly whites, you must take care of your teeth, which entails brushing twice daily. Flossing works alongside brushing to help you reach the areas that toothbrushes cannot. Your floss loosens up particles that can be caught by your toothbrush afterward.

5. Cut Your Nails

Your nails are a small part of your body, but their appearance can tell people a lot about you. Some people have preferences on whether they want their hands rough or soft, but having clean nails is a necessity, no matter your profession. People might overlook hygiene tips for men that involve taking care of their nails, but people will notice them — especially when you go in for a handshake.

6. Wear Deodorant

You should pick a deodorant without a strong smell. The product should do well enough to keep you from sweating while eliminating any odor. Make sure to use the correct amount of deodorant, and bring the product with you if you need to reapply it throughout the day. 

7. Build a Skincare Routine

The right skincare products can keep you looking and feeling youthful while ensuring your skin is protected from anything that may damage it. Applying moisturizer ensures that you keep your skin healthy and hydrated, with improved blood circulation that leads to greater production of collagen, which can keep you looking young. Remember to wear sunscreen of at least SPF 50, even when you think you don’t need it.

8. Swap Out Your Towel

You shouldn’t be using the same towel for a week straight. Over time, the same towel used over and over starts to smell, and it might be difficult to remove the stench, even after you wash it. Change your towels regularly, so they don’t begin to stink and you can feel fresh whenever you step out of the shower.

9. Wear Clothes Once Before Washing

You want to look neat and fresh whenever you enter the world. Wearing dirty clothes is a sure way to have people questioning your hygiene. Try to wash your clothes after every use to ensure you’re always wearing your best. Jeans and other forms of denim might be a special case, as you can wash them once every ten or so wears.

10. Get Enough Sleep

The last of the hygiene tips for men involves taking care of your sleep hygiene. Try to get around eight hours of sleep every night to feel refreshed and energized in the morning. With enough sleep, you can focus better and avoid many health issues. Sleeping more makes you stronger overall, so try to set a bedtime if you have a hard time adhering to a certain number of hours of sleep per night.

Follow These Hygiene Tips for Men for a Cleaner Life

Everyone wants to put their best foot forward when making a first impression. When you take care of your personal hygiene, people notice. These hygiene tips for men are easy to follow and can improve your life drastically. If you make even just a few of the small changes on this list, your life may change significantly for the better as you notice people thinking of you differently. Taking care of yourself is one of the best things you can do to further your career and improve your personal life — just ask anyone who keeps up with their hygiene.

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