How to Trim a Goatee & 5 Tips for Beard Presentation

Jan 29, 2020

Man with a goatee

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Wondering how to trim a goatee? Facial hair is far from an exact science. Some men look good with a goatee, while others struggle with stubble. Regardless of your genetics, and your preferences, you can find the perfect style of facial hair for your… well… face. It just takes a little commitment.

So where should you begin if you want to improve your overall presentation? Consider these five tips.

1. Trim It Up

Give your beard some shape using a trimmer. Don’t cheap out and get the first one you find on Amazon, though. It likely won’t have the right number of adjustments, and you’ll probably end up replacing it and spending more in the long run.

Instead, get a nice trimmer that will last you and use a trimming stencil or guide to get the shape you want. If you’re going for the “five-o-clock shadow” look, use a quality trimmer on the shortest setting about every other day, depending on how fast your beard grows. 

2. Hydration Is Essential

Keeping your beard healthy is essential to presentation, even if it requires some investment. That’s why you should practice exfoliating before you trim or shave any areas of your beard.

Pick up a boar’s hair beard brush and some beard oil or wax to help keep the skin beneath your beard moisturized,  removing any debris from your man fur when you shower and get ready for the day. Not only will your beard stay clean, but you’ll get a rich color and shine.

3. Pair It Well

Have you ever noticed that a dapper beard gets recognized when a guy is wearing a sports jacket and slacks, but they’re critiqued when wearing jeans and a tee-shirt? Choose the right outfit and colors to complement your beard.

That goes for everything from your shirt, to the right pair of stylish shoes. A set of well-chosen leather shoes might complement the “ruggedly handsome” look you’re going for better than some Nikes. 

4. Add a Watch

Speaking of outfits, the right accessories can really make your look more upscale. Guys don’t typically wear jewelry like ladies do, but a well-chosen watch can serve as the glue that ties your outfit together. 

It’s a trophy that a man can wear proudly, and it can add a touch of sophistication to your look. Don’t feel obligated to drop four figures on a Rolex or Omega, though. You can get handsome watches used or from brands like Seiko and Hamilton for way less. 

5. Hair Is a Beard’s Best Friend

If you have a great beard but terrible hair, don’t expect much in the way of compliments. Many men are wearing their hair long these days, which is certainly a good choice when working with facial hair. But you don’t have to have long, flowing locks to work with the right beard. You can pair short facial hair with long hair and vice-versa. 

Ask your barber to line your hairline up with your facial hair. They might even be able to do your beard trimming for you if you go to the right shop.

Wear Your Hair With Pride

Did you think that growing a beard meant you could be lazy because you didn’t have to shave? Well, think again. Follow these tips on how to trim a goatee and keep your beard presentable. Yes, you might have to work a bit harder to pull your look together when sporting facial hair, but people can and will recognize the effort.

Plus, you’ll feel better yourself. That alone is worth the effort. 

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