10 Social Distancing Date Ideas That’ll Impress Your Partner

Man and woman on date.

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During difficult times when you need to social distance and adhere to other regulations, it can be challenging to come up with dates that seem innovative and new. These social distancing date ideas assume that you’re in a committed relationship, so they’re best for couples who have tried almost every date in the books and still want something new and refreshing.

At-Home Social Distancing Date Ideas

You can still make your dates enjoyable when you don’t want to leave the house. By adding a dash of creativity into your plans, you can make a stay-at-home date just as exciting as any destination date. These social distancing date ideas can be done from the comfort of your home with things you already own.

1. Cook an Exquisite Meal

If you don’t feel up to going out to dinner right now, you can bring a luxury dinner to your kitchen table. You and your partner can make a meal together or divide up the work and surprise one another with entrees and side dishes. Consider cooking potatoes and steak together — it’s one of the most romantic meals and can be just as good as a date night at any restaurant.

2. Backyard Movie Night

Staying at home for date night doesn’t have to be boring. Sometimes, people may see movies as overdone — but you can transform your date night with an upgraded home theater. You don’t need to have a fancy theater room to see your favorite movie on the big screen. You can set up a movie theater on a clear night outside and project the film onto a hanging white sheet or the side of a shed or your house.

3. Video Game Championship

You don’t have to go to your local game store to participate in a video game championship. If you and your partner are gamers, consider having a championship night. You can load up your living room or bedroom with snacks and drinks to keep you energized all night. Then, tackle player vs. player competitions until you’re satisfied with the outcome. It might give you a chance to work on your skills to make for more exciting battles in the future.

4. Plan Your Next Vacation

What better way to wait out quarantine than to dream about the day you can travel wherever you want with ease? All of your hard work will pay off in a rewarding vacation that you can take once you’re able. You can spend this time thinking of all the romantic moments you’ll have on your vacation. By planning ahead, you won’t feel like you’re on a time crunch — and you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest once it comes.

5. Virtually Look at Museums

In a time of social distancing, you might start to feel cooped up in your house. Several organizations and museums have virtually opened their doors to the people, and many websites offer opportunities at fair prices, with or without guidance through the tours. Through these websites, you can get to know places you can’t visit at the time or ones you have never dreamed of visiting. 

Outdoor Social Distancing Date Ideas

Sometimes, getting out is the best thing for your sanity. Not all dates can be had indoors, so sometimes it’s best to look at social distancing date ideas that incorporate the great outdoors — somewhere away from home but also minding the space of other people.

1. Go Stargazing

This activity may require a bit of studying beforehand, but it’s research that you and your partner can enjoy together. Once you know which constellations you can see from your area, drive or hike somewhere with a beautiful view of the sky without any light pollution. Once you know what to look for, you can identify the constellations and point them out to one another.

2. Community Cleanup

Committing to cleaning up your community can give you both something new to do, alongside a sense of doing what’s right — even if it’s not the most romantic date. It feels good to volunteer and help your neighborhood or local area look prettier or assist those who need help in your area. Volunteering can also improve your relationships, which could be good when communicating with the love of your life. Together, you may find a new passion you can dedicate your time to.

3. Geocaching Adventure

How good are you at scavenger hunts? Geocaching relies on GPS coordinates to find something special buried in nature around your neighborhood. Finding special treasures hidden in the world around you is its own reward, and after you’ve seen it, you can put it back for someone else to find. It’s an excellent opportunity to flex your critical thinking muscles with your partner.

4. Have a Picnic

The best way to get out of a stuffy home while maintaining social distancing is to choose a beautiful spot in nature to have a picnic. Whether you have to walk or drive to it, you’ll find that enjoying nature with your most loved one can relax you. This date would be great after a week of hard work so that you and your partner can enjoy your time together, with no distractions.

5. Play Tourist in Your City

You might have started to feel tired of your city if you’ve lived there for a while. Take this opportunity to become a tourist in your town with your partner. You can search online for the biggest attractions in your hometown, then visit them with your significant other. This date is the perfect opportunity to be cheesy and take pictures together.

Social Distancing Date Nights Can Be Innovative

Just because you’re practicing social distancing doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the romance. Luckily, there are plenty of social distancing date ideas you can implement that take place in your own home and the great outdoors. As things become safer, consider exercising caution when going out in public and be mindful of others’ space.

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