7 Stylish Types of Shoes for Men

Oct 30, 2019

Stylish Types of Shoes for Men - Featured

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Sneakers are a tried-and-true classic, and they’re great for the right occasion. But every man needs different options in his wardrobe. You can’t wear the same pair of Converse forever.

With that in mind, we’ll review a few shoes that round out a well-curated collection. Be open-minded and don’t hesitate to try something new if it catches your eye.

If you’re interested in stylish types of shoes for men, check out the following.

1. The Oxford

Possibly the farthest cousin of the sneaker is the Oxford, the most formal shoe in your repertoire. Always safe in black, with options in burgundy, brown, grey and navy.

These shoes complement your suit best. An ideal look is a pair of slacks. The right pair of jeans and Oxfords are a good look, as well, so don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit.  

2. The Loafer

Loafers are a classic selection that leaves more room for expression than something formal. They allow you to dress up with socks and slacks, and you can also wear them with shorts in the summer.

Select a pair in suede for a fashion-forward statement that’s classy and refined, but not stuffy. If you like this style, consider its close cousin, the boat shoe.

3. Boots and Chukkas

While the lower-cut chukka-style field boot has been made popular again by young people, it’s technically just a derivation of the classic boot.

Commonly made from full-grain leather, the right pair of boots can transition seamlessly between work and play. Look for modern styles made with multi-functional materials.

A good pair of boots conveys a sophisticated look that’s casual but not childish. If you don’t own a pair, you might be surprised at how much use they get.

4. Espadrilles

No one wants to see your feet, trust us. It’s best to choose a full-toe shoe. However, when it heats up outside, you’ll be tempted to wear something breathable and comfy.

Enter the Espadrille, a shoe that says you’re fashion-savvy, but know how to be comfortable. This shoe was first mentioned back in 1322 in a Catalan text. Espadrilles originate from humble beginnings, fraught with politics and rebellion.

Unfortunately, experts neglect much of this history. Today, these shoes are perfect for when the sun’s rays are beating down. Choose a pair of shorts and your favorite tee to compliment some classic slip-ons.

5. Retro Trainers

They don’t make some things like they used to. You can still get quality shoes made with modern construction techniques, however. Retro looks like the New Balance 574, Adidas Shell Toe and Reebok Classic have stood the test of time.

Sure, these shoes are meant to hike through the mountains or run miles on the treadmill. However, they’ll look excellent paired with a set of slacks and a bomber jacket for a night out.

6. The Skate Shoe

This shoe came on the scene in 1921, when Massachusetts-based Randolph Rubber Company built the first design. Unfortunately, the style didn’t explode until 50 years later.

These highly-cushioned low-top designs were intended to provide extra grip for skaters when pulling their board up into during an ollie. They featured urban-inspired designs and reinforced toes. They also have plush lining to provide hours of comfortable riding.

These days, the skate shoe industry has expanded to offer options for people who’ve never considered attempting an ollie. Some wearers might not even know what that means. Bold styles and continued dedication to foot-cosseting comfort make the skate shoe an excellent casual choice to pair with comfy shorts or jeans.

7. White Leather Low-Tops

The classic white low-top, one of the few sneakers you can certifiably wear in a formal setting, is minimal and functional. You can find a number of options from several brands.

The only rule with these shoes is they must remain clean. White shouldn’t be worn with new denim, as the dark dye can transfer from your pant legs to your crisp white shoes.

Consider These Stylish Types of Shoes for Men

Are you ready to complete your look? Then consider the shoes above. With the right arsenal, you can prepare for any event, from a night on the town to a nephew’s first birthday.

Do you have a favorite style of shoes for men that work for any occasion? Tell us about them below. 

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