9 Iconic and Trendy Sunglasses for Men

Feb 10, 2023

Man with trendy sunglasses.

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Whether you’re basking on the beach, flying down the highway or barbecuing a summer steak, sunglasses are an essential item. Not only are they great for protecting your eyes against harsh UV rays, but they are also stylish. There are hundreds of sunglasses for men, but should you choose a more classic look, or experiment with bright colors and shapes? 

Explore these 9 essential sunglasses below and shield your eyes with style. 

1. Wayfarer Sunglasses

Black Wayfarer sunglasses.

Wayfarer sunglasses may be the most iconic style to sport this summer season. Ray-Ban created the shape in the 1950s, but the look remains in-vogue. Typically associated with the rocker style of the mid-century, Wayfarer’s thick frames and signature lens shape call to a classic aesthetic. 

The Wayfarers are so cemented into the popular zeitgeist you can find the style on a budget or splurge for high-quality materials. They are iconic no matter what your wallet holds. 

14.95 from Amazon

2. Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses.

Aviator sunglasses immediately conjure one important image: the cool guy. Think of Tom Cruise in Top Gun. In fact, pilots originally wore aviator sunglasses in the 1930s to shield their eyes from the blinding light as they dove through the sky. 

Check out the thin, metal frame and double bridge to bring that effortless style to any day of the week. 

$15.55 from Amazon

3. Clubmasters and Horn-Rimmed Glasses

Clubmaster and horn-rimmed sunglasses.

The Clubmasters are a horn-rimmed pair of glasses. They also originated in the mid-twentieth century with a thick upper brow line and wire lower frame. These styles often come in marbled or tortoise-shell designs for a classy and sophisticated look. 

$16.98 from Amazon

4. Round Frames

Round-frame sunglasses.

Obviously, vintage sunglasses for men are here to stay. Take the round sunglasses, for example. Associated with the counterculture and a psychedelic era, round sunglasses cast a cool, breezy and sophisticated look on any wearer. Round eyeglasses are also popular with the younger generations, so choosing this style feels fresh and innovative.

$15.99 from Amazon

5. Wooden Frames

Wooden frames.

Both sustainable and stylish, wooden frames are an emerging trend in the fashion industry. Choose a lighter grain wood for a breezy, beach café look, or a darker option to create that “model on their day off” style. Find frames in everything from mahogany to walnut and bamboo. 

$11.99 from Amazon

6. Clear Frames

Clear frame sunglasses.

Clear frames are another current trend of the 2010s and 2020s. Understated and translucent, this pair blends in with every look under the sun. Slip your pair on for some beach volleyball or a drive through the countryside on a sunny day. No matter what, your shades will match.

$13.99 from Amazon

7. Colored Lenses

Colored-lenses sunglasses.

If you’re looking to avoid the understated route and want to make a splash, try wearing colored lenses. There are styles in everything from hot pink, baby blue and forest green seen here. Their hexagonal shape and technicolor hues are sure to attract attention wherever you go. 

$11.19 from Amazon

8. Unique Shapes

Sunglasses with a unique trapezoid shape.

How about a fresh and trendy shape for your shades? These days, you can find sunglasses in squares, triangles, stars, bursts of fire and the rhombus shape shown here. With a pointed brow line, you’re sure to spread your ultramodern energy all around town. 

$12.29 from Amazon

9. Stylized Sunglasses

The best part about buying a new pair of sunglasses is finding your unique personality in them. Are you a trendsetter and not afraid to show your true colors wherever you go? Consider a flashy pair of glasses that show just how bright you shine. These clear, rhinestone sunglasses call to another style icon, Elton John. Explore his variety of stellar looks and add some shine to your sunny day.

Stylized sunglasses with gemstones.

$14.90 from Amazon

Find Your Style

Sunglasses for men come in so many shades, shapes and sizes, so don’t be afraid to experiment in front of the mirror. Face shape and angles don’t matter as much as feeling comfortable and confident in your style. With smart sunglasses like these, you’ll enjoy fun in the sun with a unique spin. 

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