The Most Stylish Jackets for Men

Feb 20, 2023

Young man wearing a stylish denim jacket.

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Some versatile jackets never seem to go out of style, others last for a split second, and then they’re old news. Lightweight jackets are great for spring and fall, but you’ll want a heavier coat for winter. So, what are the most stylish jackets for men? Here are some excellent choices for every season that you may want to add to your closet. 

1. The Bomber

Bomber jackets are an excellent choice to add to your collection since they are a classic. They are the quintessential jacket for layering since they provide plenty of room for under shirts or even a light jacket. Don a denim dream under your bomber jacket for a sophisticated look that will keep you warm. A lightweight hoodie would also look fantastic under a bomber jacket. 

2. Half Zip Anorak

Half zip anorak is the perfect over-the-head hoodie type jacket that you can wear alone or as an additional layer. It has lightweight material that was once upon a time referred to as a windbreaker–it’s great for windy afternoons. The drawstrings along the waist and hood help with the wind too. All anoraks are pullover hoodies, but the half zip anorak is the most aesthetically pleasing option. 

3. Blouson Jacket

Blouson jackets are an excellent addition to any wardrobe, especially ones with a dress code. A blouson jacket is perfect for a dressier look without a blazer or the suit and tie approach. The high collar on the blouson jacket gives it a fancier appeal than regular jackets. The flannel interior of the coat dresses it down a little and makes it more casual. 

4. Military Jacket

Military jackets are an iconic staple that never goes out of style. They come in many forms, but they always have plenty of pockets beside the bomber and flight jacket models. Typical military jackets don’t have a hood, but some newer versions have one added. Military jackets are built to last and protect you from the natural elements. They’re the perfect stylish jacket for tough, rugged men. 

5. Chore Coat

Chore coats are perhaps the most versatile option of stylish jackets for men. They come in all shapes and sizes, from denim chore coats to chore blazers. They are mid-weight, making them great for the chilly season and there’s plenty of room for layering for extra warmth. Many brands offer their take on this classic all-season jacket. Chore coats provide the perfect amount of pockets and are one of the most stylish jackets for men on the market. 

6. Trucker Jacket

Trucker jackets sport a cropped length that makes your legs appear longer than they are. This is one of the go-to stylish jackets for men in the short-leg club. Trucker jackets are most commonly seen in the form of denim jackets, but they come in many other styles, colors and fabrics. Trucker jackets have identifiable double chest pockets and a front button-up style. Trucker jackets are a fan favorite and have been since Levi’s made them cool. 

Stylish Jackets for Men

Stylish jackets are a game changer for any wardrobe–they can make or break your entire ensemble, much like your shoes. You can show off your personality with these stylish jackets and protect yourself from the weather, so it’s a win-win! 

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